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PSOne Review - 'Power Play: Sports Trivia'

by The Cookie Snatcher on May 31, 2002 @ 5:43 p.m. PDT

Think You Got Game? Time to put up or shut up with Power Play Sports Trivia! Take on 4,000 brain-bruising questions from the wide, wide world of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Show what you know with 2 Tenacious Trivia Modes - Tournament: Up to 4 players face off to decide who’s got the fastest fingers and the maddest skills, and Last Man Standing: Avoid 5 wrong answers and go for the longest winning streak in history. Climb the ranking ladder, reach the Hall of Fame, and become a Trivia Legend. Did we reach the "Hall of Fame" or the "Hall Of Shame"?

Power Play: Sports Trivia

Platform: PSX
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Developer: Ubi Soft
Release Date: 5/7/2002

Power Play: Sports Trivia is one of Ubi Soft's latest budget based titles and contains over 4,000 trivia questions that cover basketball, hockey, baseball, and football. Unfortunately that is about all this game includes, no bonus mini-games, sports animations, or insightful commentary by a guy named Jack. However, considering the fact that this is a budget title and can be had for a mere 10 bones its safe to say that this game might just be what sports enthusiasts are looking for. Nothing declares your superiority of sports trivia like laying waste to real-life opponents game after game with questions rarely, if ever, repeating. As previously stated, Power Play includes 4,000 questions, that number is not exaggerated, quite simply Ubi Soft included an enormous amount of potential play time.

You'll have the option to participate in two modes of play to test your sports trivia knowledge. In tournament mode, you will go through a total of 10 different questions, increasing in point value from 100 points on up to 300 points. Aside from tournament mode you can also play 'last man standing' which includes three different variations: PeeWee with a 5-miss limit, Varsity with a 3-miss limit, and Pro with a 1-miss limit. The first player to miss the set amount of questions loses. There is also an option to limit the subject of the questions to one particular sport, this comes in handy if, for instance, you consider yourself a basketball enthusiast but could care less about baseball.

Up to four people can play this game simultaneously with the multi-tap, and this is where the action will really heat up. With four people vying to be the first to buzz in with the correct answer you'll inevitably accuse the computer of cheating at one point or another. But being the buzzer beater does not automatically give that player an advantage. After buzzing in you will be given 10 seconds to come up with the correct answer out of a choice of four (each mapped to a button on the face of the PS pad), if you answer incorrectly or let the time expire the other contestants will have the option to buzz in and choose out of the remaining answers. Sometimes being the last to buzz in is the best method for acquiring points on questions your unsure about.

Music consists mainly of horned instruments playing an upbeat anthem-like song that never changes. Graphics are equally generic, displaying a digitized photo of a particular sport in the background of the trivia text for each question. A game like this does not need real-time lighting reflections or 4-pass bump mapping to satisfy though, it is a trivia game for Pete's sake.

Are you a sports buff? Do you enjoy trivia? Got a bone to pick with a rival friend pertaining to supremacy of sports knowledge? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions then chances are you'll really dig on this game. But at a MRP of just $10 don't expect any fancy bells and whistles for your gaming buck.

Score: 6.4

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