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Company of Heroes

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Relic

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'Company of Heroes' - v1.70 / DirectX 10 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on May 31, 2007 @ 12:17 p.m. PDT

Company of Heroes delivers the World War II real-time strategy classic and both its expansions in one battle-hardened bundle.

Get the Company of Heroes v1.70 Patches off WP (15/170mb)

v1.70 05/29/2007

DX10 Features

  • Edges of particles are softened where intersecting 3D objects.
  • Thousands of additional ‘litter’ objects in the world.
  • Improved user control over anti aliasing settings.
  • Alpha to coverage anti aliasing to improve quality of alpha test objects such as shrubs.
  • Lighting quality has improved by moving all calculations per pixel.
  • More precise point light calculations.
  • Point lights can now cast shadows.
  • 3D short grass on the terrain.
  • Vertical refresh synchronization is enabled by default to improve visual quality by preventing tearing of the display image, use ‘-novsync’ to disable.
  • Hardware PCF for improved shadow quality.

Other Fixes

  • Various crash fixes.
  • Improved hack detection.


  • Axis Pak38 50mm accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced.
  • Allied M1 57mm AT gun accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced.
  • Certain Infantry Antitank weapons (bazookas, panzerschrecks, recoilless rifles) accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced.
  • Attack ground functionality was removed from the 234 Armored Car to fix issues enabling it to fire through shot-blocking objects.
  • Tank and armoured car weapon types can no longer one-shot kill 234/Puma Armoured car and M8 Armoured Cars.

v1.61 05/08/2007


  • Fixed a bug where Allied Halftracks were resistant to some forms of damage.

v1.60 05/01/2007

General Fixes & Features

  • Fixed AI bug that caused retreated units to gather closely around the HQ.
  • Worldbuilder now shows territory properly.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading old files.
  • Fixed a bug in crew switching during AT gun movement.
  • Fixed a graphical bug in the replay menu.
  • Fixed a bug with unit weapon slots after dropping two weapons.
  • Fixed a crash bug when launching saved games from Windows Explorer in Vista.
  • Fixed multiplayer maps not drawing boundary lines after a performance test.
  • Anti-hacking systems have been integrated.
  • Tiger Ace with wreck mesh has been fixed.
  • Fog of War can be toggled on and off during Replays in the Replay Menu.
  • Scenario packs will show UI images and loading screen.
  • Recorded game files no longer saved to disk until after the game.
  • Fixed timed ability not triggering on all selected squads.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Panzerschreck to misfire.
  • Hyperlinking support added to news items.
  • Addfriend and Removefriend commands are now disallowed in game.

Online Fixes & Features

  • Players can now see the number of “dropped” games in the player profile screen. (See note below)
  • Performance improvements for lobby game pings.
  • Performance bar improvements.
  • Fixed a rare crash occurrence in the lobby.
  • “Play Now” button is disabled if in dev mode or any mods are active.
  • Implemented dropping fixes.
  • Player ability levels are matched more evenly during automatch.

“Drops” is actually the count of the games you have been in that the server had to arbitrate the results for. The following things cause arbitration; kicking somebody for lag, having a sync error, “drop-hacking”, and certain kinds of internet connection problems. Players should be aware that all of these things will affect the players trust score.


  • Units using Barbed Wire Cutters are now significantly more susceptible to damage while cutting barbed wire.
  • Squads building barbed wire are now capped at two builders per squad.
  • Wire cutters are now provided to all players at the start of the game.
  • All Anti-Tank Guns have a reduced chance to hit moving infantry targets.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Route N13 ambient building repositioned so troops no longer become stuck when exiting.
  • Axis Inspired Assault UI indicator will now last as long as the ability is still active.
  • Axis Sniper now obtains suppression resistance and a health bonus at second level veterancy.
  • Axis Stormtroopers will now come out of camouflage while retreating.
  • Removed manpower upkeep cost from mines.
  • Axis Advanced Warning Commander Tree Ability no longer applies sight bonuses to Axis Vehicles.
  • Axis Grenadier and Stormtrooper squads can continue purchasing weapons packages regardless of the number of times they’ve dropped them.
  • All small ambient buildings will now display on the minimap while garrisoned or controlled.
  • Allied M3 Halftrack and Jeep armor is no longer highly resistant to projectile ammunition.
  • Changed the requirements to use Offmap Reinforcements and paradropped engineers when HQ is destroyed; Mortars, AT Guns and other non-builder units will not prohibit this action from taking place.
  • Removed flamethrower death critical on ballistic weapons.
  • M8 Greyhound no longer does incremental engine damage to vehicles.
  • Allied M10 Tank Destroyer no longer has an unintended accuracy penalty against moving Axis Sdkfz Armoured Cars.
  • Axis Volksgrenadier and Axis Knights Cross Holder squads now receive bonuses at their second levels of veterancy.
  • Axis Panzerfaust ability no longer has a 50% chance to miss moving heavy vehicles.
  • Axis 88mm Flak 36 now receives intended bonuses from support weapon veterancy.
  • Tank wrecks found on maps are no longer salvageable.
  • Allied Demolitions upgrade moved one slot to the left on the Allied HQ UI.

Commander Trees

  • Allied Paradrop AT-Gun cost increased to 350 manpower from 320.
  • Allied Pershing now requires more experience to obtain veterancy levels.
  • Allied Supply Drop will now cost 200 Manpower.
  • Axis Infantry Assault Team cost decreased to 350 manpower from 400.
  • Axis Stormtrooper squad removed from the Urban Assault Team and the Armored Assault Force Commander Tree Abilities.
  • Axis “Urban Assault Team” has been renamed to “Urban Assault Support”.
  • Axis Urban Assault Support cost decreased to 600 manpower from 700.
  • Axis Armored Assault Force cost decreased to 900 manpower from 1000.

Gameplay Changes

  • Allied M4 Crocodile Sherman range and damage decreased.
  • Allied M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and Allied Paradrop Anti-Tank Gun accuracy bonus at first level of veterancy decreased.
  • Allied M10 Tank Destroyer acceleration speed slightly decreased.
  • Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced versus Axis Light Vehicles.
  • Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced against buildings.
  • Allied M10 Tank Destroyer turn radius increased.
  • Allied M3 Halftrack cost increased to 25 fuel from 20.
  • Allied M3 Halftrack Quad .50 cal upgrade cost increased to 125 munitions from 100.
  • Axis Ostwind Flakpanzer area of effect radius increased.
  • Axis Sdkfz Armored Car 50mm Puma Gun upgrade no longer requires Escalate to Battle Phase.
  • Axis Motorcycle more resilient to small arms fire.
  • Axis Panzerfaust ability damage increased versus Allied Jeep.
  • Axis Grenade ability range increased significantly.
  • Axis Grenade area of effect increased.


  • St. Mere Dumont, Langres, and Wrecked Train Community Maps added to the Custom Games map selection.
  • Hill 331 resources rebalanced.
  • Point du Hoc resources rebalanced.
  • Sturzdorf resources rebalanced.
  • Angoville Farms base defenses updated.
  • Angoville Farms ambient building positions rebalanced.
  • Beaux Lowlands base defenses updated.
  • Beaux Lowlands resource positions rebalanced.

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