Platform(s): PC
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Gameforge
Developer: Entwell Co.

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'Nostale' - New Screens

by Rainier on March 11, 2009 @ 6:14 a.m. PDT

NosTale is a free-to-play anime action MMORPG which takes you on an exciting journey through a world full of mystery with your friends.

The game is user friendly with cute looking characters. Nostale is all about fun, entertainment and action. Nostale has a strong story line which continues with endless adventures for players with challenging tasks and missions. You can cutomise your characters appearance, create family, own your private mini land, etc. Nostale encourages the concept of partnership, sharing for the survival against the invincible monsters and tough missions. So gear up for following the patch of adventure in the new world of Nostale.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP /
  • CPU P3-500MHz/
  • Graphic Card +Riva TNT Radeon 7000 /
  • Memory 256MB/ DIRECTX + DirectX 9.0

Recommended :

  • OS Windows XP, Windows Vista/
  • CPU P3-800MHz/
  • Graphic Card GeForce2 MX Radeon 8500/
  • Memory + 256MB / DIRECTX + DirectX 9.0

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