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Release Date: March 25, 2013

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'Warframe' (ALL) To Get New Enemy Faction, Warframe And More

by Rainier on March 9, 2015 @ 12:23 p.m. PDT

WarFrame is a free-to-play fast-action co-op focused shooter set in an evolving sci-fi world.

Set in the far reaches of outer space during a new Dark Age, WarFrame introduces the Tenno, a race on the brink of extinction after being enslaved by the Grineer for centuries. Players enter WarFrame on the cusp of the Grineer's victory over the Tenno until they begin to arm themselves with WarFrames - an ancient exo-skeletal technology only they can operate. Hidden within the Orokin Derelicts of a lost civilization, new WarFrames lie dormant and undiscovered. These artifacts are the Tenno's only hope for survival.

WarFrame is a free-to-play fast-action PvE shooter set in an evolving sci-fi world. Some would call it MMO-Lite as squads of four players band together to advance their characters and battle the oppression of the genocidal Grineer. Throughout their combat missions, players will continually increase the power and abilities of their WarFrame and weapons. Players will raid new areas of space searching for exotic and powerful weapons and WarFrame augmentations to customize their arsenal. With WarFrame's Automatic Mission Generator, the game will offer endless replay as levels are procedurally configured for a unique raid -- every time.

TennoLive is an exclusive live community event hosted by the Warframe Development team to reveal details of upcoming content and gameplay plus, have fun gettting to know their fellow Tenno in real life. 

Details revealed at TennoLive included the unveiling of Parkour 2.0, a new enemy faction, a new Dragon-themed Warframe, new Melee Weapons, and a New Prime Warframe.  With the new Parkour system coming, Warframes will have new ways to navigate both new and familiar tricky areas with swag moves.  There will be a trio of new weapons to wield while doing so, including the Community Concept weapon, the Mios, the Puncture Glaive and the Dark Dakra, in honor of the two year-anniversary of Warframe.

Introducing a little bit of mythical mystery; a new dragon-themed Warframe, Chroma, was introduced to the thundering approval of fans both live in the audience and watching at home on Twitch. Additionally, Volt was revealed as the latest Warframe to soon receive the gilded Prime treatment.  Players will also be treated to a new enemy faction named the Sentients as well as a new PvP-focused capture-the-flag mode, ‘Capture the Cephalon’ and a new Sanctuary area.

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