Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Digital Extremes
Release Date: March 25, 2013

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'Warframe' (ALL) Gets You Free Ash Prime If You Watch TennoLive on Twitch

by Rainier on July 6, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

WarFrame is a free-to-play fast-action co-op focused shooter set in an evolving sci-fi world.

Set in the far reaches of outer space during a new Dark Age, WarFrame introduces the Tenno, a race on the brink of extinction after being enslaved by the Grineer for centuries. Players enter WarFrame on the cusp of the Grineer's victory over the Tenno until they begin to arm themselves with WarFrames - an ancient exo-skeletal technology only they can operate. Hidden within the Orokin Derelicts of a lost civilization, new WarFrames lie dormant and undiscovered. These artifacts are the Tenno's only hope for survival.

WarFrame is a free-to-play fast-action PvE shooter set in an evolving sci-fi world. Some would call it MMO-Lite as squads of four players band together to advance their characters and battle the oppression of the genocidal Grineer. Throughout their combat missions, players will continually increase the power and abilities of their WarFrame and weapons. Players will raid new areas of space searching for exotic and powerful weapons and WarFrame augmentations to customize their arsenal. With WarFrame's Automatic Mission Generator, the game will offer endless replay as levels are procedurally configured for a unique raid -- every time.

Digital Extremes will give everyone who watches this year's TennoLive event on Twitch the highly sought-after Ash Prime Warframe for free.

TennoLive, which takes place at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST, Saturday, July 7, is the finale to the annual Warframe event, TennoCon, in London, Ontario, where Digital Extremes reveals future development plans and super fun surprises. This exclusive TwitchDrop represents the first time Ash Prime has been available to earn for new players since he entered the Prime Vault on May 30, 2017. Players can currently only obtain Ash Prime by opening relics earned prior to his vaulting, or by trading for Prime Parts with other players.

To earn Ash Prime, viewers must first link their Warframe and Twitch accounts at here, then tune in to TennoLive event on Twitch at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST, Saturday, July 7 for at least 30 minutes while signed into their linked Twitch account.

This promotion continues Warframe's offer to provide free content to players on Twitch. Currently, Twitch Prime members can claim Trinity Prime on Twitch as part of Warframe's full year of free content with Twitch Prime.

TennoLive caps off a day of celebrations at Digital Extremes' third annual Warframe convention held in London, Ontario, Canada. Last year's show debuted the open-world Plains of Eidolon and Umbra's arrival. What will we reveal at TennoLive in 2018? Head to here to join the revelry!

In Plains of Eidolon, players will discover a brand new experience vastly different from the maze-like tilesets they've known. For the first time in Warframe, players will see exquisitely lit vistas with an ongoing day/night cycle that creates an alluring continual emotional experience of dawn, day, dusk, and night. In the day-time, Tenno (players' in-game name) will have the freedom to seek missions from colorful vendors in the makeshift colony of Cetus, including as many as 50 other players with which to socialize. Players will cajole and converse with an eclectic collection of vendors like mining experts, fish mongers, beast masters, mask makers, and weapon smiths, the latter of which enables players to create a series of modular weapons, customized to their tastes like never before.

Outside of town, solo or in squads of up to four, players can freely explore the Plains. Filled with stunning lush hillsides, busy lakes and rivers inhabited by schools of underwater creatures, and hidden cave systems, Tenno can entertain themselves with mini-games such as spearfishing and mining to gather resources, or engage in heroic land and air battles -- using the reworked Sky Archwing -- against an ever-belligerent Grineer presence.

Best of all, daytime activities are available to all players of any experience level! But once night falls, enemies scatter and hide as the plains are haunted by mammoth Sentients. Summoned by a mysterious force, the towering Spectral Sentients known as Eidolon ascend from the waters and threaten all living things in their paths. What do they search for every night? What will it take for your team to defeat them?

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