The Wonderful 101: Remastered

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, WiiU
Genre: Action
Developer: Platinum Games
Release Date: May 19, 2020 (US), May 22, 2020 (EU)

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'The Wonderful 101 Remastered' (ALL) Wonder-Size Cadet Demo Available - Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 1, 2020 @ 1:43 a.m. PST

The Wonderful 101 is an action/adventure game where players take control of the Wonderful Ones, heroes from all over the world chosen to defend the Earth from all manner extraterrestrial threats!

Earth is under attack by enormous aliens, and the only thing that can protect the planet is a group of unlikely, mighty heroes with special abilities. The aliens are too powerful for the heroes to fight individually, so they must join forces and work together to defeat the common enemy.

In The Wonderful 101, you control a group of secret heroes plucked from their normal lives to save the world in a time of emergency. Will Wedgewood is a teacher at Blossom City Elementary School, but to some he is known as Wonder-Red, young secret combat service prodigy and soon-to-be leader of The Wonderful 100. Joining him in this elite group is Eliot Hooker, detective with the Los Angeles Police Department in his everyday life, and the man behind the mask of Wonder-Blue.

Each of the core characters in The Wonderful 101 are defined by their Unite Morph powers, which allow them to transform a group of heroes into objects, such as a giant fist called Unite Hand, a powerful blade by the name of Unite Sword, or even a firearm known as Unite Gun. All Unite Morph powers become more powerful depending on the number of heroes currently recruited, so make sure to keep an eye out for citizens crying “Help!” - adding them to your team will reinforce your unit as you battle the GEATHJERK invaders!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Wonder-Size Cadet Free Demo is out now for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC (Steam).

As the name suggests, this demo delivers Wonder-Size amount of content, including Platinum-level epic boss battles and a lot of in-game goodies! Enjoy the prologue and all of Operation 001, a total of about two hours of gameplay!

The demo features:

  • Wonder-Bayonetta available from the start!
  • A full stash of useful items!
  • Run wild through the all of Operation 001!
  • Transfer save data to the full version!

To owners of the full game:

The v1.03 patch adds the new “Wonderful Code” feature to the game. By entering the code “UMBRANGIFT” players can unlock Wonder-Bayonetta and the same set of support items that are available in the demo. Moreover, to celebrate the release of the demo we are also revealing the code for Vol.2. By entering the code “ANGELSLAYERS” players can unlock Wonder-Jeanne and Wonder-Rodin.

We'll be revealing more codes in the future, so be on the lookout for more Wonderful Codes!

Wonderful Codes Vol.1

Umbran Gift "UMBRANGIFT" unlocks team member "Wonder-Bayonetta"!

Vol.2 Angel Slayers

"ANGELSLAYERS" unlocks team members "Wonder-Jeanne" and "Wonder-Rodin"!

The Wonderful Ones have more than just numbers on their side. To solve puzzles and smash evil, the Wonderful Ones can perform a “Unite Morph”, combining together to create fists, swords, bridges and other incredible constructs.

Together with Wonder Red, Wonder Blue, and the rest of the Wonderful Ones, it’s time to save Blossom City, and the rest of the world!

The most powerful tool for the Wonderful Ones is the incredible Unite Morph. By combining together, the Wonderful Ones can turn into a variety of awesome shapes, from whips to swords to giant fists.

In-game, players draw specific shapes on the battlefield with the control stick, and the Unite Morph initiates! Unite Morphing isn’t just for combat, though! The Wonderful Ones can use their powers for traversal as well, whether it’s a faraway ladder or a precarious rope bridge, there’s nowhere The Wonderful 100 can’t reach!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered is available as digital download for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

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