Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: PlayWay
Developer: Pyramid Games
Release Date: 2020

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'Dinosaur Fossil Hunter' Will Let You Design Your Own Museum - Trailer

by Rainier on April 2, 2020 @ 2:12 p.m. PDT

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a simulator game where you play as paleontologist, exploring desert lands and searching for dinosaur fossil.

Search, dig, study uncovered fossils and prepare the skeletons to learn about extinct species and build your own museum!

Enter Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, where we help you live your dream of becoming a famous paleontologist. You take the role of a young man who wants to achieve his biggest dream of traveling and discovering fossil that predates mankind. The story you will play serves as a tutorial that teaches you about the basic mechanics of the game.

Explore three different US States – Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, traveling by your cars in search of the prehistoric fossils. Force your way through mud, water, and various environmental hazards, explore vast terrain, destroy rocks or bodies of water to reach your prize. Use many tools, such as chainsaw, shovel, dynamite or pickaxe to achieve your goal.

Use your georadar to search for clues and discover the remains of many extinct species, adding up to the insight about the Earth's distant past. Dig out the wisdom of the planet but be careful! Precious fossil is very delicate and you can break a valuable finding quite easily. You need to carefully clean the bones, making sure that nothing will get damaged before you can finally assemble a complete prehistoric skeleton. Manage your know-how, using the portable in-game tablet and become the world-renown paleontologist.

As you progress through the game and uncover more and more secrets hidden deep underground, you will finally be able to open your own dinosaur museum!

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You’ve forced your way through various unwelcoming environments, used all your amazing skills in search of mysteries of the ages long dawn. What comes next? It’s only natural that you want to share your discoveries with the whole wide world. So, let’s open your private museum and become a truly brilliant custodian.

Gather your findings, carefully prepare the bones and assemble astounding skeletons of various primordial creatures. Show them to the society. They deserve it as much as you deserve the fame that will undoubtedly come upon you.

Customize your display

Start with creating a few exhibits for the pleasure of your museum's future visitors. Put your completed dinosaur skeleton into the exhibition and give it a little bit of “life” by setting its pose to imitate lifelike situations. Maybe it’s battling some other ferocious beast or resting after a hard day of searching for food? Use your creativity to arrange breathtaking scenes involving many different species in their natural environments.

And as for the environments – make them as realistic as possible. Choose a fitting biome that will determine the general look of your creation and the ground type as well. Open grasslands, desolate deserts and rocky plateaus may become home for your skeleton findings. Carefully decorate your exhibition with real plants, rocks and trees to make your prehistoric findings look more attractive.

Design is what matters

But even the best and most amazing exhibition needs a good background setting that will underline its value. That's why you will also need to tend your museum. Customize floors and walls in order to bring out the mood of your exhibitions. Personalize and change them to your heart's content.

Push through various unwelcoming environments and use your skills in search of mysteries of the land. But that's only the beginning of your quest. After finding an interesting spot and digging out precious fossils, it's time to customize your museum. Arrange the interior, grow plants and decorate the building with various displays.

And what’s most important – design your diorama showing prehistoric scenes. Choose all elements of the set, from small plant to rocks and even ground type. Arrange dinosaurs to create thrilling and dynamic scenes that will make them nearly come back to life in the imagination of your visitors. Put some finishing touches and now you’re a truly brilliant custodian of your private museum!

This equipment will help you with hard journey to build your little dinosaur empire:

  • Truck - which will be your main conveyance
  • Detector - which is necessary to localise and identify fossils
  • Tablet - with dinosaur data
  • Various tools - which will allow you to dig through thick layers of rock
  • Explosive materials - we are sure, that you know what for

And if you need a break, you can always take some time to play one of many fun mini-games. Fishing included!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is the ultimate paleontologic experience. The game is developed with great attention to details with the help of real-life fossil hunters and paleontologists from around the world. The developers from Pyramid Games want to bring players closer to understanding the thrills of uncovering Earth's deepest secrets?

Dinosaurs may not rule the world anymore, but Dinosaur Fossil Hunter will make its PC (Steam) debut in 2020.

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