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January 2022

Creed: Rise To Glory

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Sports
Developer: Survios

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'Creed: Rise to Glory' Tops One Million Units Sold Across All Platforms

by Rainier on Oct. 13, 2021 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Creed: Rise to Glory is a boxing game that rounds up the most iconic figures from MGM’s Creed and Rocky cinematic universe including Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa, and other Creed & Rocky movie legends.

Got what it takes to become a champion? You are Adonis Creed, fighting toe-to-toe with the world’s top opponents to establish your boxing legacy. This intense cinematic experience features new Phantom Melee Technology for impactful VR melee combat so you can train, fight, and win like Creed.

Donning the gloves of underdog Adonis Creed, players are challenged to rise through the ranks to become the ultimate champion. Build skills and stamina by training with the legendary Rocky Balboa and face off against combat-ready opponents in the championship ring. Various modes are available including Career, Endurance, Free Play, and online PVP.

Both fitness and boxing enthusiasts alike are challenged to test their pugilist skills, go round for round with these fighting legends, and prove they have the heart of a champion.

Developer Survios, along with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), announced that Creed: Rise to Glory has moved into a new “weight class,” selling more than 1 million units across all platforms.

“When we first brought ‘Creed’ to life in VR, we knew players would become immersed in the character’s passion, determination and fighting spirit,” said Seth Gerson, CEO, Survios. “Since releasing the game, players stepping into the virtual ring have thrown more than 500 million punches, burned more than 1 billion calories and boxed in over 50 million rounds on the road to 1 million games sold.”

For a limited time only, Oculus Quest owners can purchase Creed: Rise to Glory at a discounted price of $17.99 through October 17, 2021.

“Whether we’re developing for VR, traditional consoles, physical installations with AR/VR overlays or a hybrid that combines the best of each, our mission is to design fully immersive, dynamic worlds that can be discovered in every reality where gamers exist,” continued Gerson. “Developing for cross-reality is just the beginning. We’re exploring every opportunity to captivate the broadest possible gaming audience while pushing the envelope to create the next generation of immersive technologies and interactive consumer experiences.”

Creed: Rise to Glory is available on Oculus Quest, PSVR and on additional supported VR headsets via Steam.

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