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Team Kaiju Is Working On A Multi-platform AAA Multiplayer FPS

by Rainier on Oct. 15, 2021 @ 9:25 a.m. PDT

Team Kaiju is a new developer run by studio lead Scott Warner and studio director of operations Rosi Zagorcheva, who are already working with more than 20 developers to create new intellectual property (IP) for a AAA-quality multiplayer first-person shooter.

Team Kaiju, which spawned from TiMi’s North American expansion efforts, is actively hiring more developers to work on an unannounced FPS project. Team members have an extensive history working on some of the biggest game IPs  in the industry, including Apex Legends, Battlefield, Destiny and Halo.

Team Kaiju was formed to create groundbreaking game experiences at blockbuster scale that inspire vibrant, long-lasting communities. Based in North America, Kaiju offers a flexible work environment with team members able to work remotely or from offices in Seattle and Los Angeles. Kaiju strives to be a workplace of diversity and strong character where creativity and enthusiasm are met in an inclusive environment.

“We formed Team Kaiju to unite creative game makers who are ready to offer players new experiences,” Warner said. “Gaming has yet to address all the player fantasies we could enjoy in an FPS game. We want to make something new, something players haven’t seen before - at a blockbuster scale. We know that it takes ambitious, creative game development and we’re building a studio to achieve it. And we’re inviting other devs who also want to create new things to join us. ” 

The studio is taking a flexible approach to how it’s setting up its team, supporting fully-remote work and on-site talents hosted by TiMi Seattle and Los Angeles offices. This approach is rooted in the belief that creativity matters most, not location. 

“It is imperative for us to create a safe space for talented developers so they’re confident, take risks and are rewarded for their creativity,” Zagorcheva said. “Creating a studio culture that respects and demands diverse thoughts from its teammates, while encouraging respect for each other will enable us to make games that attract players’ undivided attention.” 

Both Warner and Zagorcheva also said Team Kaiju will be a team passionate about building a relationship with a community of players who will be encouraged to give feedback as a positive tool to improve the game.

“Community matters massively,” Zagorcheva said. “And having players who feel like they have the potential to build a community of like minded gamers could be incredibly powerful.” 

For more information about Team Kaiju, including available jobs, visit the official website.

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