Swords Of Legends Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gameforge
Developer: Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon
Release Date: July 9, 2021

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'Swords Of Legends Online' v1.1 Content Update Next Week, Shows Off Sparkwood Gardens Raid - Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 10, 2021 @ 1:04 p.m. PST

Swords Of Legends Online is an MMORPG with a rich, tumultuous story, steeped in poetic Chinese lore, testing your might in thrilling action combat as you become embroiled in a struggle between light and darkness.

Based on popular Chinese legends that inspired a multi-award-winning television series, several movies, novels, and a phenomenally successful franchise of games -- including the most recent MMORPG Gujian Qitan Online -- Swords of Legends Online introduces a fully remastered version of the highly-anticipated saga to new audiences.

Swords of Legends Online explores an eons-long clash between the forces of light and darkness. Only those chosen by the spirit of the legendary sword buried deep within themselves may unlock the powers necessary to banish the fog of evil, death, and destruction that threaten to consume this tempestuous world. Players will become absorbed in the deep, vivid visuals and narrative as they hone their combat skills, form alliances, defeat fearsome enemies and bosses that spawn throughout the dangerous dungeons and world maps, enemy factions, and even the gods themselves.

Players may choose from up to six playable classes, each with their own unique skills, weapons, armor, and specializations. These heroes can take to the skies on flying mounts to visit their own, customizable islands, and engage in thrilling quests, multiplayer dungeons, 20-player raids, and an abundance of PVP modes.

Soon, players throughout North and Latin America and Europe will be able to explore the game’s rich, tumultuous story, steeped in poetic Chinese lore, and test their might in thrilling action combat as they become embroiled in the struggles between light and darkness.

After a stream of consistent weekly updates, including new raid difficulties and seasonal events, Swords of Legends Online is about to receive its first major content drop later this month with the release of the Update 1.1: The Forbidden Court on November 18, 2021.

The Forbidden Court contains a brand-new zone and accompanying questlines integral to the ongoing story, two new PvP modes, two new raids, and many more exciting new additions.

The Forbidden Court contains the first new story update since the launch of Swords of Legends Online. Chapter 10 of Swords of Legends Online will take players to an all-new zone, the Floral Palace, packed with new quests and content, and a unique world boss to challenge. Seldom seen by outsiders, the Floral Palace is shrouded in mystery, protected by the spiritual power of the firestones. Surrounded by a dense, mountainous realm, its lush forests and tranquil rivers are teeming with flowers and spirits. Inside the palace lies a rich history, centered around the family who once called it home. The two masters of the Floral Palace, highly respected by those around them, each met with a terrible fate. But why? Players must discover the secrets that lie hidden within the halls of the Floral Palace and continue to unravel the larger tapestry that is Swords of Legends Online.

Battle in the Sands is one of the new PvP modes coming to Swords of Legends Online, and will be a part of The Forbidden Court update. 20 players compete across two-stage matches—the first stage being a five-minute free-for-all to unleash powerful forces, and the second being a ten-minute 10 vs 10 team battle. In the following weeks, the two new raids—Sparkwood Gardens and Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace—will be rolled out in different challenging difficulties.

Also New to Update 1.1: 

  • Memory Box: Replay old scenarios in the form of memory trials! Unlock this feature using Memory Fragments—the amount you spend will dictate the difficulty level—and challenge any dungeon you’ve already played through. The player who starts the challenge will be directly rewarded, while other participants will receive Cangying Pearls that can be traded for rewards later.
  • Additional Features: Side quests will be fleshed out with more lore through new biographies, added furniture will give players more home customization options, and the Golden Sun Cage—a new mini-game—will add more fun and variety to the game. There will also be extensive adjustments to class balancing

Sparkwood Gardens will be the first of two brand-new raids for 10 to 20 players, featuring challenging bosses along with tons of rewards for players who dare enter. It opens its gates to players on November 25, one week after the initial 1.1 launch.

Shrouded in mystery and located within the Floral Palace and protected by the Soulforce of the Firestone clan, the Sparkwood Gardens await with a host of deformed and mutated creatures that often stray beyond the palace walls to wreak havoc in the surrounding lands. Yet treasure beckons from beyond the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace.

Meet the Raid Bosses:

  • Jade Blade Mantis: Once a normal praying mantis, after being transformed by Jiang Kanhua and Tao Pianxian she became even stronger and deadlier in her new corrupted form. Equipped with a pair of enormous pincers, and armored with a layer of carapace as beautiful as jade and as hard as steel, she is one of the many dangers lurking within the Sparkwood Gardens.
  • Shirenchang of the Plant Spirit: She was a shirenchang foolhardy enough to break into the Floral Palace in search of people to eat. But after Jiang Kanhua and Tao Pianxian planted a plant sprite in her body, she was transformed into a creature that combined the worst aspects of plant and human worlds. Innately strong, she was able to withstand the pain as the plant took root in her body and blossomed into one of the greatest horrors prowling the grounds.
  • Four-Armed Ghoul: One of many unfortunate creatures of its kind, Four-Handed Ghouls are spectral monsters born of the rancor of a thousand dead mortals, fermented over centuries and distilled into an incarnation of destruction. They have little intelligence, but are eager to kill and devour anything that disturbs their slumber.
  • Ismael: Ismael is the Awakeners’ magistrate, leader of the Yin beasts and a student of the leader Cang Gu. A member of the Bone People, Ismael can see through human emotions and change form according to the victims’ desires, giving him the ability to kill his prey before they even realize they are in danger.

The raid’s normal difficulty will be available after the weekly server maintenance on November 25 and can be accessed by players once a week. Soon players will face their greatest test yet, as Gameforge reveals a massive new raid for legendary heroes to conquer with even more content and in-game events to come in December!

Key Features:

  • A Rich Saga to Unravel: With a legendary story that will capture players’ hearts, Swords of Legends Online allows them to experience a journey unlike any other, through hours of fully-voiced cutscenes, an engaging, turbulent narrative, and memorable characters—all in an ancient Chinese setting. 
  • Expansive, Exquisite World to Explore: A vivid world is brought to life through gorgeous, highly detailed textures, environments, and characters pulled from the pages of Chinese legends and folklore. From historically accurate costumes to the flora and fauna of each diverse region, Swords of Legends presents a unique and highly interactive feast for the eyes.
  • Become the Ultimate Force Against Darkness: Players may choose from up to six initial playable classes—Reaper, Summoner, Bard, Spellsword, Berserker, and Spearmaster—each with their own unique playstyle, weapons, and unique zone and story. As characters grow, they can choose between two specializations per class in order to branch out towards powerful new skills that will aid them in their quest to vanquish the darkness.
  • From the Earth to the Heavens: Players can live and meet above the clouds on unique and customizable floating islands used for personal housing—the perfect resting and gathering space in between quests. Extraordinary varieties of flying mounts will become faithful companions to players, allowing them to behold the world from a new perspective and visit each other in their own establishments.  
  • The End Is Just the Beginning: Extensive and engaging endgame content lets players forge their own journeys. Through additional quests, multiplayer dungeons, 20-player raids, and a wide plethora of PvP modes, Swords of Legends Online invites players to push their skills to the limit to keep up with frequent content updates.

The game is available for pre-purchase in three editions starting today for $39.99 USD (€39.99), $59.99 USD (€59.99), and $99.99 USD (€99.99). Players who pre-purchase the game will receive a pre-order bonus which includes exclusive cosmetic in-game items, and access to the closed beta trials.

Additionally, the pre-purchase will also provide access to character name reservation and character creation before the official launch.

Swords of Legends Online is available for PC (Gameforge client, Steam, and Epic Games Store), with text language support in English, French, and German, and English voiceovers.

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