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Beyond The Wire

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Offworld Industries
Developer: Redstone Interactive
Release Date: 2020

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'Beyond The Wire' Early Access Update Adds New Maps, Canadian Faction, Weapons And More, Roadmap Revealed - Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 3, 2021 @ 9:49 a.m. PDT

Beyond The Wire is a large scale multiplayer first-person shooter immersing players in the frantic and bloody Western Front of the Great War.

The Western Front is brought to life in all of its shocking and bloody realism, with up to In battles with up to 100 real-world combatants, players will have to contend with large open maps and tight claustrophobic trenches utilizing both period-appropriate guns and a more tactical close-quarters melee combat system than anything seen in a WW1 game to date.

Playing as a member of elite American, French and German armies, teams will need to work together in order to survive in Beyond The Wire. The lives of your squad will depend on tight communication, unit cohesion, quick wits and skills to break through the frontlines and crush the enemy. Squads will be able to utilize period-appropriate guns such as pistols, rifles, poisonous gas, shotguns and machine guns, as well as clubs, bayonets and more with Beyond The Wire’s advanced tactical close-quarters melee combat system bringing the horrors of war up-close-and-personal unlike anything that has been seen in a first-person shooter before.

Across the Battles of Zonnebeke, Frise, Ansoncourt and more real-world locations from WW1, multiple game modes allow players a choice of how they experience The Great War. Environments seeped in historical accuracy fully immerse players in each theatre of war as the 50 vs 50 player large-scale conflicts rage on in all directions as far as the player can see, with tight corners, limited vision and muddy debris-strewn pathways that are all fraught with danger.

Redstone Interactive and Offworld Industries are thrilled to unveil details of the second update landing in Beyond The Wire today, called Operation III: Canada’s 100 Days, expanding the offering available to those in the trenches of the FPS.

Operation III brings the Canadian Expeditionary Force into the game, created by Canada for service overseas in the First World War. These forces will feature early war and late war equipment variants for authenticity, with most factions also given early war equipment and weapons in this update. Joining the CEF is the German Jäger Regiment, a designation for light infantry units of the German Empire, equipped with weaponry like the fearsome K98AZ.

In terms of maps, Vimy Ridge is bringing a key part of the Battle of Arras to players, featuring the CEF, French Republic, and the German Empire. This features a range of different biomes like No Man’s Land, villages, forests, military fortifications, camps, and trench networks.

Vieil Armand - also known as Hartmannswillerkopf - transports players to a peak in the Vosges mountains, throwing German Empire and French Republic forces into the first map in the game to feature snowy conditions. Verticality adds new tactical options, along with windy stone trenches, tunnels, caves, and forests.

Operation III adds a host of new weapons both for the Canadian Expeditionary Force, including the infamous Ross Rifle Mk.III; the M1895 “Potato Digger” heavy machine gun; and the 2nd Model "Hand Ejector" Revolver used by Canadian Officers. 

French forces also get a selection of new weapons, receiving the Canon de 75 modèle 1897 field cannon and the Hotchkiss M1914, the main heavy machine gun of the French Republic. Additionally, the Harlem Hellfighters will now have access to the accurate and reliable Berthier 1907/05 service rifle. 

Other new additions to the roster of weapons in Beyond The Wire include the M1918 BAR; the close-quarter MP18; and the K98AZ, with the shorter barrel and ease-of-handling which made it a favourite of the German Empire.

The update brings in changes to the main menu too, giving it a thematic yet sleek new look, with all elements also updated and streamlined, including Server Browser and Settings.

Beyond The Wire is available through Steam Early Access, priced at $34.99 USD, €29.99 EUR or £27.79 GBP.

Key Features:

  • Large-scale multiplayer action with up to 100 players per server
  • In-Game Voice Over IP using high quality codecs for local and long distance voice communication
  • Build fortifications and reinforce your frontline using the advanced construction system
  • Large, authentic environments inspired by the battlefields on the Western Front, each up to 4 km2 in size
  • Next-Gen models, animations, environments and effects to fully immerse players in an era from the past
  • Community guided development principles with a strong focus on modding, engagement and partnerships

Beyond The Wire is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for release in 2022.

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