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No Plan B

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: GFX47
Release Date: 2021

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'No Plan B' Available On Steam Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 1, 2021 @ 8:50 a.m. PST

In No Plan B you assemble your squad, gear up, and lead your ops in a gripping tactical game with no room for failure.

In No Plan B, every choice you make, however small, may decide the fate of your team.

Assemble your squad. Work out the perfect plan. Watch it play out in real time.

Pick your squad’s entry points and gear them up with the arsenal at your disposal. Choose from a list of firearms, armor and grenades - each with their pros and cons - to make sure your team has the right gear for the situation.

But be wary: The arsenal doesn’t replenish between missions, so you must always think two steps ahead.

Study the 3D map carefully and use the innovative timeline system to move and synchronize your team. Coordinate your movements, grenades and room entries to take the enemy by surprise.

One wrong move, one corner left unchecked, could be fatal to your mission - there’s no plan B!

Once you’re confident your plan is perfect, the time has come to execute your actions and press that play button. Watch your orders unfold, and get right into the middle of the action with the full-control camera.

No Plan B is now available through Steam Early Access, and will remain so for about 12 months.

The Early Access version already has all of the base game mechanics implemented and balanced in a polished state and free of major bugs.

It includes:

  • Tutorial missions
  • 4 types of mission
  • 5 types of weapon (23 weapons in total)
  • 3 types of grenade
  • Mission editor + community made missions

For each of the 4 factions:

  • 3 campaign chapters (30 missions in total)
  • 9 skirmish missions
  • daily, weekly and monthly challenge missions
  • random mission generator

The plan is to tweak the existing game mechanics if necessary and add more content for the final v4ersion of the game, adding new game modes, new game mechanics, new mission objectives, new map biomes, new campaign perks, new character skills, new weapons, grenades and equipment, weapon attachments.

Until then you can still check out the free Prologue on Steam, giving players a first taste of the full game’s challenging, brain-melting missions on 3 different skirmish maps and 3 procedurally generated challenge missions.

Planned a perfect mission? Share your replays and show off those tactical skills!

Challenge yourself with multi-path campaigns: Select carefully on the FTL-like map which missions you’ll take and which rewards you’ll need, as there’ll be no way back once you’re in. Completing campaigns will earn your team experience, stats and even perks so you can take on even more difficult challenges.

In a rush? Take on the single missions - or create and share yours with the built-in editor!

Key Features:

  • Plan, Preview, Proceed: Use the innovative timeline system and the full-control 3D camera to design and execute a perfect plan.
  • Campaign or skirmish: Take on brutal FTL-like campaigns with units and resource management, or short but intense stand-alone missions.
  • No-fuss interface and wide-ranging mechanics with deep tactical layers.
  • Infinite replayability: Create your own maps and missions using the built-in mission generator, and play new challenges created by the community.
  • Hero or villain: Take on different missions with different stakes, rescue hostages or prep for a bank heist (we’re not judging)

No Plan B will be released PC (Steam) in 2022/2023

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