Mortal Online 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Star Vault
Release Date: Jan. 25, 2022

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'Mortal Online 2' Stress Test Next Weekend, Sign Up Now

by Rainier on March 17, 2021 @ 6:14 p.m. PDT

Mortal Online 2 is a first person MMORPG where you get to explore a massive sandbox world with full PvP and loot.

Mortal Online 2 has no classes or levels instead it features a open ended skill system where the player gains points in skills simply by using them.

The game also moves away from Mortal Online 1's 4 character slots and now has a one character per account maximum. This change comes with a upgraded skill-system that aims to make every character more versatile moving away from Mortal Online 1's very specific character roles. Mortal Online 2 features a massive list of 600+ skills to learn. Most of these skills are learned and leveled up by simply using them in the game and the player can spend points in any skills he/she wishes to learn creating a complex web of possible combinations.

Mortal Online 2 also expands on Mortal Online's beloved open crafting systems that gives players full control over what they create. Players crafting weapons for example do this by choosing the blade or head of the weapon, a handle type and what materials these two parts are made out of. This creates a almost infinite amount of weapons, armors, bows and arrows for the players to craft. Almost all of the equipment in Mortal Online 2 is created by players and then sold to other players. Our celebrated crafting-system gives all the power to the crafter who can decide every part in whatever he/she is crafting creating a mind blowing amount of possible combinations. This way crafters can be known worldwide for their secret and powerful equipment.

Star Vault is opening up Mortal Online 2 for a server Stress Test Weekend on Thursday 25th of March at 17:00 UTC until 28th of March, 23:59 UTC. The Stress Test is a final check to make sure server stability is optimal for launch later this year.

New and returning players from the previous betas are invited to see the open world of Nave for free. With over 6 times the playable area of the original Mortal Online, players can enjoy the real-time, first person combat in a world of open PVP (and the stories it creates!) that players have loved for the last decade. During the test, the Mortal Online team will be running several competitions for players to win big prizes, including graphics cards. In addition, the game hopes to break the record for the most players online simultaneously in a single, un-instanced server.

Information on all of the Stress Test’s contents and an FAQ is available here.

Keys for the stress test are free on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to participate, all players will have to do is to sign up for the Mortal Online 2 newsletter.

Ahead of the stress test, on March 20th @ 17:00 UTC join Henrik and Mats from the development team on Twitch as they discuss the rich and evolving lore of Mortal Online 1 & 2. They will be talking about the history of Mortal Online and revealing its secrets.

The purpose of the test will be to push hardware limits, test progression systems and receive large amounts of valuable feedback from the community, as an initial simulation of upcoming Persistent Early Access.

Testers will begin their journey on the tutorial island known as "Haven". Within Haven, players will have the opportunity to learn and understand the game's systems/features in a safe environment. Upon your departure from Haven, you may select from a few starting cities where your real journey will begin. Explore the world of Nave and its 10 stunning cities, make a living as a crafter, become a murderous criminal, tame and sell creatures, the possibilities are endless! The world is filled with danger from man and beast alike – group up with like-minded individuals on any journey, and who knows what secrets you might discover? The team at Star Vault has never believed in spoon feeding the game's secrets to the community. Even today, there are still undiscovered mysteries in the first iteration of Mortal Online.

During the upcoming test phases, all experience gains have been drastically increased to remove the grind. Players will have the freedom to explore builds and create new characters without a long-term commitment.

Disclaimer: This is not a finished product.

Many areas and systems are incomplete, as the team are using this stress test to push our hardware limits and receive mass feedback on what needs to be prioritized before announcing our Persistent Early Access date. We strongly recommend that players who are expecting a finished product return to the game when we enter Persistent Early Access. For now, you can expect to see bugs, crashes, server issues, missing content, etc. as this is a critical part of the test. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing the smoothest gameplay experience possible in the near future.

Competitions & Prizes

We will be hosting FOUR exciting events throughout the duration of our stress test! Our events will consist of three daily challenges and one mega event which will run from March 26th, 13:00 UTC until March 28th, 23:59 UTC. Daily challenges will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March. Objectives and rules will be announced each day within the game at 13:00 UTC. Winners can expect to see incredible prizes such as video cards, gift cards, Mortal Online 2 merchandise and more! Make sure to hop in game on the weekend of March 25th for your chance to WIN BIG!!

Mortal Online 2 features an action-based first person combat system. There is no tab-targeting or auto attacks. In Mortal Online 2 the player’s skill really matters and a skilled player will often defeat a player with better equipment.All the combat in Mortal Online 2 works this way regardless if your are wielding a bow a sword or use your mind to cast powerful spells.

Mortal Online 2 is set in the great world Nave. The first continent players will enter is called Myrland, a massive 400 sqkm landmass, and is a boiling pot of different biomes ranging from cold snowy mountains to big open sand fields. Myrland is massive in size and filled incredible resources to find, dungeons to explore, and dangerous creatures to hunt or be hunted by. All rendered is stunning detail using Unreal Engine 4.

Key Features:

  • Complex crafting system with millions of combinations.
  • Intense skill based first person melee,mounted,ranged and magic combat with full loot.
  • Open skill system with over 600 skills and no character levels.
  • Massive 400sqkm sandbox world for you to explore and harvest resources from.
  • Robust guild system with large scale guild-wars and politics.

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