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July 2022

Ratten Reich

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Crytivo Games
Developer: Metall Adler Studio
Release Date: September 2022

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'Ratten Reich' Pre-Order Gets You Beta Access, Adds NVIDIA DLSS & Ray Tracing Support - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 4, 2022 @ 12:57 p.m. PST

Ratten Reich is an alternate reality real-time strategy game where anthropomorphic rats, mice, cockroaches and lizards vie for control of the world using World War I & II-inspired weaponry and realistic tactics.

Ratten Reich is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that has absorbed some of the best ideas of the genre while also offering a unique flare and story. Depending on the situation, the player will take the command of a small squad or an entire division to fight in this ultimate war.

Ratten Reich is a grim and unforgiving world, where war has continued for many years. The war is fought between rats, mice, roaches and lizards alike. Slum like cities, burnt corpses, steam tanks, soldiers in imperial uniforms and armor. And the soil, the mother of all, full of bomb craters and battle scars. Millions upon millions of fates, dreams — nothing more than ashes from the fires now.

The Tzar army of roaches, monitor lizards, dozens of mice led countries under the flags of the great Franx and Angul will clash against the might of the Ratten Reich in an alliance with the lizards, who live in the land of the rising sun.

Before Ratten Reich’s official release, Kickstarter backers and folks who pre-order here will receive beta access, helping shape the game.

In a near-future beta update, NVIDIA DLSS and ray-traced reflections, shadows, and RTX Global Illumination will be added to Ratten Reich, accelerating performance and enhancing image quality for GeForce RTX gamers. See these technologies in action, in our new exclusive RTX gameplay video.

Ratten Reich features multiple factions, each with its own units, abilities and backstory.

Ratten Reich

An empire consisting of little duchies, all of which are united under the flag of the Emperor. The Ratten Reich has devoted itself to scientific and technological research for decades, leading to an expansion of steam and dieselpunk industries in the everyday life of rats. Having once been a collection of smaller and oppressed countries, this colonial power has grown over the past 25 years to become an empire to fear.

The world of the empire is formidable and harsh to the core. The acceleration of military power - in addition to the development of light and heavy industry - turned cities into smoky, dark places that led to blackened rain. Monolithic structures, old European houses, and slum-like districts, make up the majority of the empire.

The regular army of rats had 13 million soldiers in the pre-war period; in the first years of the war, this figure tripled.

FMR Union

The Free Mouse Republic (FMR) is a conclave of 38 countries, of which the two strongest nations, Franx and Angul, have supremacy. Both empires have an internal struggle for power and influence over the smaller countries. Trade coalitions, lavish and luxurious scores, nobles and feudal lords, counts, princes and princesses all coalesce into a small portion of the FMR. Ordinary residents struggle with issues of poverty, a lack of healthcare, and high crime rates. Occasionally, uprisings and riots will break out.

Despite its less-than-perfect union, the FMR is not to be underestimated. The FMR is a leader in trade and, due to their fight against piracy, they have become masters of the sea. With a diverse army of millions, the FMR is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Tsar Empire

The motherland of roaches is a curious and largely unexplored country. The tsarist regime has most recently turned their territory into a steam-filled haven for mechanics. Everyday life for these citizens is shrouded in industry. A consistently harsh climate and an imminent revolution haunt the roaches, forcing them to adapt again and again.

The Tsar Empire is the only country whose inhabitants possess natural armor made of chitin. This useful adaptation has forced enemies to alter their weapons in an effort to penetrate their protective shells. The roaches have a hidden army tucked away and pride themselves on being defenders of the downtrodden.

Red Dragon

For the last 6 years, a country torn apart by civil war and famine has struggled against their neighbor - the agama lizards of the Sun Empire. Enlisting the support of the mice, the monitor lizards of the Red Dragon have attempted to cease their warfare and prevent invader conflicts.

As technology begins to move into the contemporary era, failure to build and produce modern weapons has forced the Red Dragon to begrudgingly accept the help of allies. In exchange for resources and promised land, the agama lizards lie in wait for opportunity.

Sun Empire

The Sun Empire is an island nation under their emperor's command. The agama lizards that inhabit the empire are close friends and associates of the rats and, coincidentally, are one of the largest contenders of naval construction and sea domination. As the Sun Empire builds ships, the Ratten Reich offers them more sophisticated weapons and technologies. This is an old empire struggling to live up to the standards of the new and modern world.

Key players of Ratten Reich will become available to you as you progress. Characters such as Kufins or Perfumer can provide an abundance of opportunities to get ahead in the war effort. Look to them for gas otakas, air support, and experimental weapons or units.

Additional characters like the Rat Baron and Erwin Jaeger offer additional properties such as enhancing techniques, small arms customization, and allowing for orders of <influence> and for <Kaiser>.

In Ratten Reich, even ordinary characters have a story - on and off the battlefield.

Ratten Reich is a destructive game and the environment is no exception. The way you handle and approach surrounding areas will affect your overall gameplay.

Gain tactical advantages by destroying the surrounding area or specifically targeting enemy fortifications. By destroying buildings in the city, you will be able to bypass the enemy or block their path. Destructibility is a double-edged sword as you will have to assess the benefits and consequences of each decision.

Due to the graphic violence of war, Ratten Reich is filled with elements of gore, blood, and even limb rupture to make the game more realistic in terms of consequences. It also aims to emphasize the horrors of war.

Each faction will have a long list of unique units with equally diverse equipment and vehicles.


All factions have their own history and origins. For example, the Rat Reich differs from other factions and their units due to its militarization and weapon variety. These assets make them formidable enemies on the battlefield.

In comparison, the FMR does not have the same weaponry as the Rat Reich, but they have diverse units and weapons due to their multi-national union. 

Cockroaches have a natural advantage due to their chitinous shell, providing them with extra protection in battle. Agama lizards are another anthropomorphic group who possess an innate advantage due to their makeup, specifically in areas like the sea.

Each faction will be equipped with vehicles such as tanks, armored trains, aircraft and ships.

You will have to keep track of what equipment your units are using - firearms, melee weapons, grenades, and protective equipment. Direct your unit to utilize pistol machine guns for close combat and breakthroughs. Resort to rifles for long distances or for deterring the enemy. Want to go a little old school? Have your units charge the enemy with a bayonet attack as it could lead to a glorious victory, or a sad defeat. Weapons such as flamethrowers and gas weapons may also be utilized, but be cautious when trying to turn the tide of battle. Everything comes with a price.

Be sure to properly care for your units as you never know when reinforcements will arrive to relieve them. Secure their supply systems by maintaining adequate numbers of bullets and food.

Some of your soldiers may be in need of medical attention, at which point you will have to decide whether to save the injured or focus on your able bodies. Remember: you are responsible for your units, so take care of them!

In order to become an excellent commander, you must learn how to use the game’s tactical features to your advantage. The most primitive ways of gaining an advantage is through the building of fortifications and proper placement of your units.

Fortifications act as defensive structures and can be coupled with surrounding buildings to create further defenses. When your enemy has a decent fortification, utilize opportunity by targeting vulnerable areas to destruction. You can also aim for a frontal attack under the cover of your artillery or even try to smoke your enemy out from behind their lines. The choice is yours.

The essence of this project will plunge you, the player, into an era of strife and modern warfare. Between the atmospheric trench wars and the steampunk elements of Ratten Reich, you are sure to be immersed. 

The world of Ratten Reich boasts dieselpunk and steampunk influences. The majority of technology is bulky and mechanical with steam boilers or diesel engines. The goal of either army is to instill fear into enemy hearts. The more intimidating the equipment, the greater the influence.

When choosing to modernize your equipment, you must decide between improving your existing equipment or investing in the creation of new types of weaponry. You should approach your methods wisely as battles will take place on land, by sea, or even in the air.

And not to forget vehicles, you can select everything from light reconnaissance cars and motorcycles to secret machines with heavy firepower.

Ratten Reich is coming to PC (Steam) and consoles in 2022.

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