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July 2022

Not For Broadcast

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: tinyBuild
Developer: NotGames
Release Date: Jan. 25, 2022

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'Not For Broadcast' Sells 300k Early Access Copies, Full Release With Ep. 3 Coming Soon - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 6, 2022 @ 10:28 a.m. PST

In this immersive, high-pressure, propaganda sim, you control what the people see and determine what's Not For Broadcast.

In a 1980s-inspired newsroom, players are thrust into the hot-seat of the National Nightly News switchboard as a strange new government comes to power.

They are tasked with mixing four live news feeds, cueing the advertisements and censoring unwanted language, all while making impulse decisions that will affect the lives of everyone they show on screen.

Mix four camera feeds, choose the headlines, bleep the bad language - all under the pressure of a live broadcast. Will you censor the news and be rewarded, or expose the truth and live with the consequences?

"Look, mate - it’s not that hard. Choose the angles, roll the ads, and bleep the swears. Just keep in mind that how you show these people will change their lives. Don’t worry - you’ll get paid either way!" - your Nightly News coworker, just before he resigned.

After two years in Early Access, over 300,000 copies sold and thousands of Overwhelmingly Positive user reviews, tinyBuild’s chaotic news management game Not For Broadcast is nearly ready to go live and worldwide.

“We can’t believe how well received the game has been throughout Early Access. Building the best community and topping 300k copies is an amazing achievement for our little dev team, and we couldn't be more grateful” say developer NotGames. They’re thrilled to announce that the third, final and most twist-laden episode of the darkly comedic FMV romp is just around the corner, with a release date will be announced soon.

This 3rd update features the game’s biggest, most dramatic and funniest news broadcasts yet. With tensions rising and politicians, celebs (and worse) butting heads across the airwaves, only a steady hand can ensure that the show goes on and that the news reaches the nation. As for exactly what they’ll be seeing? Well, that’s up to the player.

Not For Broadcast is currently available through Steam Early Access and GOG at $24.99.

Key Features

  • Frame The Picture - Keep the general public entertained with your editing skills. You are the artist and the broadcast is your canvas.
  • Keep it PG - Censor swear words… or “unapproved” information. Keep the news safe for children and oppressive political regimes alike.
  • Hand-pick the headlines -  Their public image is in your hands: run the story of a footballer's new beau, or his last dodgy night at the pub? His marriage and his reputation ride on your decisions.
  • Cue the ads - Watch your bank balance soar or dive based on what advertisements you run. Customer satisfaction not guaranteed.
  • The show must go on! - Keep broadcasting no matter the cost. News stops for no-one, not even a category 5 storm!
  • Keep them laughing as you go - The stress of playing a part in this twisted political turmoil getting you down? Sit back and relax - The National Nightly News team will take you from laughter to dread in the course of a commercial break.

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