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December 2022

Wild Hearts

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Omega Force
Release Date: Feb. 17, 2023

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'Wild Hearts' Reveals More Game Details, Shows Off 7 Minutes Of Gameplay - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 5, 2022 @ 8:50 a.m. PDT

Wild Hearts is a unique twist on the hunting genre where technology gives you a fighting chance against fearsome beasts infused with the ferocious power of nature itself.

Wild Hearts whisks players away on an epic adventure in the land of Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan, where they’ll battle against giant nature-infused beasts called Kemono with the help of Karakuri, sophisticated mechanisms crafted from a lost, ancient technology. 

Wild Hearts takes place in Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan, that is now rampaged by the once peaceful Kemono - altering their environment at the cost of citizens’ lives. The Kemono range from plant-infused squirrels to the massive Kingtusk wild boar. After a dreadful fight with the winter wolf Deathstalker, players become bearers of a life-sustaining technology and are compelled to restore balance across the region. 

In Wild Hearts, players journey through Azuma as a lone wolf or pack-hunt with up to two friends thanks to the game’s co-op and crossplay features across all platforms. Players can expand their battle plans and go on special missions while pack hunting, join other hunters in the world or take on Kemono on their own. The game will feature voice overs in English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

In this extended gameplay sequence you’ll watch as players attempt to take on the mighty Kingtusk, first alone and then with co-op partners.

The trailer provides a better look at Karakuri, sophisticated mechanisms players craft to traverse the world and battle Kemono, demonstrating the flexible and creative hunting grounds of Wild Hearts

The majority of the gameplay takes place in the flowery terrain of Hanagasumi Hills, a Spring setting and one of WILD HEARTS’ hunting grounds, each represented by a different season.

Key Features:

  • Hunt Down Giant Nature-Infused Beasts - Kemono are beasts that have undergone a unique evolution by fusing with their environments, and that wield the power of nature to reshape their environment to suit their needs. You will encounter Kemono of all sizes - from plant infused squirrels to the massive Kingtusk wild boar, or the Deathstalker savage wolf and many more creatures. These enormous creatures use the power of nature itself to defend their new territory.
  • Prepare Your Fighting Ground - The ancient Karakuri technology enables you to craft and build new, highly flexible and creative hunting grounds to take down giant Kemono. Stock up on materials to build many kinds of karakuri, depending upon your needs, skills, and which kemono you are fighting. Every new Kemono you defeat unveils new Karakuri and new resources to use.
  • Pack Hunter or Lone Wolf - Wild Hearts’s co-op and crossplay features allow you and up to two friends to hunt down Kemono together. Pack hunting enables you to expand your battle plans with more building capabilities and special missions. As a lone wolf, you can seamlessly join in and help other hunters in multiplayer mode through the Torri System, or you can take on the giant beasts on your own.
  • Gear Up to Hunt, Hunt to Gear Up - You can become the greatest hunter by gathering materials from each hunt and the environment, and craft unique sets of armor with different variations. With unique weapons to choose from, and tons of variations, there’s a combat style for everyone, each with different gameplay pace and attacks. You can craft gear with the material of defeated Kemono, further customizing it to suit your play style.
  • Dive Into Fantasy Feudal Japan - Immerse yourself in beautiful environments littered with structures that
    represent everyday village life, faith, and warfare, now swallowed up by nature. Wild Hearts’s four hunting grounds - each representing the different seasons - are brought to life by the game’s AAA visuals, allowing you to take in the beauty of Hanagasumi Hill’s flowery terrain (Spring) , Starfall Island’s waterfall surrounded by the sea (Summer), Scarlet Canyon’s natural landscape covered in fall leaves (Fall) and the split in half Frozen Moon Castle (Winter) – all accessible from the village of Minato.

Wild Hearts is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Origin, Steam and Epic Game Store) on February 17, 2023 at $69.99.

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