The Great War: Western Front

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Frontier Foundry
Developer: Petroglyph
Release Date: March 30, 2023

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'The Great War: Western Front' Reveals More Game Details, Shows Off Extended Gameplay - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 18, 2022 @ 9:24 a.m. PST

The Great War: Western Front is a real-time tactical/strategy game where you play a deciding role in history as you take charge in the iconic Western Front from 1914 to 1919.

Pick your faction and lead your forces to victory, by directing your armies in gritty real-time battles and by guiding high-level decisions in turn-based strategic gameplay. Dig detailed trenches, research new technologies such as poison gas and tanks, and make decisions that will have a profound and lasting effect on your success. Think like a Commander to either relive history - or redefine it.

Discover unparalleled levels of strategic choice as you step into the role of both Theatre Commander and Field Commander.

As Theatre Commander, experience enthralling turn-based grand-strategy as you direct the deployment of forces, perform research and carefully consider how you disseminate your resources across the Western Front in a war won by inches. Alongside this, take up the mantle of Field Commander in dynamic real-time battles as you direct units to defeat your opponent, build trenches and perform direct assaults by sending your infantry over the top. Pick your battles and fight them your way to shape the course of history.

Battlefields are persistent, and as you continue your push across the Western Front, you will revisit previous battlefields which will still bear the scars and destruction of earlier encounters.

This in depth first-look at gameplay from The Great War: Western Front introduces players to the role of Theatre Commander and providing an initial overview of the Campaign map.

Today, players can experience an extended look, offering even more detail on the decisions they will be called to make as they lead their forces throughout the course of World War 1, in a conflict which will force them to fight for every inch as they seek to relive history, or redefine it.

The Great War: Western Front puts players in a unique ‘dual role’. Not only will they have real-time control of the battlefield as Field Commander, but they will also be able to oversee the overall war effort in the role of Theatre Commander. In the latter, players will manage the Western Front from a grand strategy map view, research new technologies, and bolster the offensive or defensive capabilities of key regions in an effort to turn the tide of the war.

During each turn, players are able to coordinate their forces and prepare for the battles to come. They will also need to weigh up the number of resources committed to every conflict, carefully considering the cost of achieving a major victory, or securing a stalemate. As Theatre Commander, their decisions will directly influence the odds of success when assuming control of the battlefield. Allocating precious assets such as additional supply, artillery, or researched technological advances, from aircraft to tanks, can provide players with opportunities to overwhelm the enemy.

In The Great War: Western Front, victories and losses affect each faction’s National Will, which will decide the outcome of the conflict if it is reduced to zero. Commanders can also attempt to redefine the conclusion of the war by pushing back enemy forces and seizing their headquarters, highly defensive positions that take vast resources to capture but offer the ultimate goal, bringing the war to an immediate end.

Individual regions not only have varying levels of strength, but carry the mark of previous combat encounters, retaining existing trench networks and creating rapidly degrading battlefields which authentically represent WW1. Returning to the battlefield of a previous great victory or defeat, players can use this living, persistent world to their advantage, committing resources to reinforcing key positions and reducing future costs to force an advantage.

Artillery bombardments leave behind craters, tanks, gunfire, and trenches desolate the once lush French countryside, and any trenches (or fortifications) you build remaining in play should you return. Shifting weather also plays a role; as the months draw on in the conflict, you’ll encounter weather changes such as snow and rain which will affect things like artillery performance and unit movement. To secure victory, you’ll need to carefully consider your strategy depending on the conditions.

Revel in an authentic historical strategy game that captures the gravity and intensity of The Great War. Partnering with the Imperial War Museums, their expertise enables us to accurately portray these pivotal moments in history.

Choose true-to-life infantry, weaponry, artillery and tanks of the time and get into the mind-set of a WW1 Commander as you employ considered tactics and deploy your army across the Western Front.

Play as either the Allied Nations or the Central Powers as you make tactical and strategic decisions to earn victory both on the battlefield and in the overarching theatre of war. Both factions have unique abilities and gameplay styles for you to discover and wield.

No play through is the same as you make decisions great and small to change the outcome of the war. Introduce new military technologies earlier in the conflict depending on your advancement of the tech tree, or change pivotal moments in history to alter the outcome of the war.

Play your way with four deep and compelling modes. Experience the unfolding saga of World War I in the Campaign, relive iconic moments with Historical Battles, create your own battles in Skirmish or test your strategies against others in memorable Multiplayer action - your journey through this enthralling conflict is unique to you.

The Great War: Western Front is coming to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) in 2023.

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