Death Roads: Tournament

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: The Knights of Unity

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'Death Roads: Tournament' Gets Steam Early Access Date - Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 6, 2022 @ 10:34 a.m. PST

Death Roads: Tournament is a deck-building roguelike turn-based game, where players compete in a deadly race tournament.

Fight in frantic car battles using sets of cards. Choose your driver, his car and weapons, then set off in tactical encounters. Perform deadly manoeuvres switching gears and blasting opponents to win.

The year is 2082. Desolate lands cover most of the continent. The rich or lucky enough live in ECCT, a gigantic AI-operated city. Sheltered from the hostile environment, cared for by the robots, people seek thrills in dark stream entertainment. Death Roads is the most popular show, a grand and violent race from West to East Coast. Each new season, only a few selected riders from the “Outlands” are permitted to participate. The prize is the right to join the “PRIME” society. Rarely any of them survive…

It is you who will take part in the Death Roads race to fight for a better life! First, choose your driver and his car. You will get your ride with the starting weapon set. Then pick a sponsor who will determine the starting point on the map. Decide carefully, because you can’t change this decision later!

On the road, you will come across many different enemies and other contenders. Try to escape them or fight to the last drop of blood. Remember that there can only be one winner and all tricks are allowed. If you can’t shoot just bash the opponent!

Collect parts from adversaries that you install in your car. This way you will get new, dangerous weapons, engines and wheels to surprise your rivals and help you win. Complete the deck and combine cards into deadly combinations.

Each skirmish brings you closer to winning, so never slow down, just rush forward. Remember that Death Roads is a race that is easy to lose. Then you will have to start your journey all over again.

The Knights of Unity is excited to announce that Death Roads: Tournament will debut via Steam Early Access on March 28, 2023.

The creators also invite players to take part in playtests on Steam. Everyone can check out Death Roads: Tournament, but only the most persistent will advance to the next stages. There are rewards waiting for them there, so it will definitely be worth testing the game!

Key Features:

  • Turn-based battles with different objectives.
  • Various cars, characters and weapons to unlock.
  • Deck-building based on swapping car parts.
  • Nonlinear progression on the world map.
  • Stylized graphics reflecting a thrilling race.

Death Roads: Tournament is coming to PC (Steam).

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