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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Kool2Play
Release Date: 2022


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PC Preview - 'Uragun'

by Chris "Atom" DeAngelus on April 26, 2022 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Uragun is a bloody action slaughterhouse in a classic, top-down style, which is a tribute to old-school 2D shooters.

At its heart, Uragun is a twin-stick shooter. You have control over a sentient AI mech that awakens in a mysterious world without its pilot. With some help from a friendly disembodied AI, you set off to find out what happened to the humans and why hostile robots are swarming everywhere. The bulk of the combat in Uragun is blowing the ever-living crap out of hostile robots before they can do the same to you. On each level, you unlock new levels, equipment and items for your robot. It's nice and straightforward.

By default, you can have two weapons equipped, one on each of the robot's arms. Your weapons have unlimited ammo, but some need to reload or cool down after extended use. There's also a variety of weapons. There are miniguns and shotguns, rocket launchers and railguns, and even some intriguing options, like a disc launcher that shoots a boomeranging bladed disc that hovers in air for a few moments. Different weapons are better against different types of enemies. Against bosses, you might want hard-hitting big booms, while it's more important to fire quickly against swarms. Thankfully, you can swap out at the start of any mission with any unlocked weapons.

In addition to regular attacks, you also have special heat attacks. Your robot has a heat meter that fills up as it fights and collects glowy orbs that enemy robots drop. This energy can be used to repair your robot when it is injured, but it also can be used as the fuel for extremely powerful attacks. These can range from powerful AoE shocks to long-range explosives and everything in between. In our preview build, this felt pretty good. It was more worthwhile to use a heat attack than a heal because you'd kill the enemies before they damage you.

Your mecha can also be upgraded in between stages. By finding intel in stages, you can power up your weapons and unlock additional mod slots that give you more options for customizing your gun. Mod slots are unlocked by finishing stages and usually have some impact on the weapon. The rocket launcher can gain enhanced splash damage or more ammunition. The minigun can be given longer range, more damage, or the ability to create an electric shock that arcs between nearby foes. You also can find expansion slots that grant valuable abilities to your mecha. Some abilities are standard, such as a magnet that attracts heat orbs from farther away, but others can be pretty interesting. My favorite one left behind a huge trail of fire when I dashed, letting me create deadly walls that block off enemy swarms and kill them more effectively than any gun.

While Uragun is still in early development, the segments that we played were darn fun. There's great appeal in blowing the crud out of an army of evil robots with your own minigun-wielding behemoth, and Uragun provides that in spades. If you're looking for something to scratch the "kill hundreds of enemies with lots of explosions" itch, then Uragun might be what you're looking for. Uragun is currently available via Steam Early Access.

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