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Killer In The Cabin

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Games People Play
Release Date: May 12, 2022

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'Killer In The Cabin' Drops Price, Planning Several Early Access Updates

by Rainier on April 6, 2022 @ 11:24 a.m. PDT

Killer In The Cabin is a multiplayer deduction and survival game. Keep your wits about you and trust no-one, someone's trying to kill you!

In Killer In The Cabin, play as a member of a group of survivors from a bus crash in the desolate Norwegian mountains, where in order to survive you must work together in order to gather supplies, discover shelter and share food as you wait for help to arrive. Stick together and you’ll make it out alive, but danger looms: there’s a hidden killer in the group, working to sabotage all survival efforts and eliminate the party, one by one. 

The game is a social survival game. The goal is to make sure as many players as possible survive until help comes. Each game session is maximum 15 minutes long and with up to 8 players. To succeed you need to search the area for loot and share resources with the other players to be able to create meals for the party, keep the cabin warm, and ensure a sufficient supply of water. Communication is vital to make sure you cooperate efficiently on the different tasks, as well as a means for exposing the killer.

Games People Play announced that multiple updates for Killer in the Cabin are on the way. With the game currently available through Steam Early Access, the update will also slash the price down to $4.99 / $3.99 / €3.99!

The new updates include a hotly requested server browser system, allowing players to join public game lobbies or create their own so they can jump into games easier. For prospective killers looking for games to hone their skills for kills, AI bots will be introduced so games can be played alone or with smaller parties. Want to play but don’t want to speak using the in-game microphone? Text chat has also been added, making the game more accessible.

AI bots.

It's been really fun watching you play our game. But we know that many of you are struggling to find a full game. Because of this, we are making bots that you can add to the game. This will of course lack some of the social deception element of the game, but it will let you try out the elements of the game alone. And make the games more interesting if you add a few bots when you are playing with one or two friends.

Server browser.

Instead of matchmaking, you can start your own public or private gaming lobby, or join a game someone has started. The idea is to have more player-initiated games. This also saves us the hosting cost, so we can keep the game running years after the hype from the commercial release. We know how frustrating it is when an indie developer has taken down the game when you want to revisit it years later!

Reduce pricing

Speaking of player-initiated games. We know that our game is the most fun when you are playing it with your friends. To make it easier to get them to pick up a copy we have decided to reduce the price of the game to $4.99, £3.99, €3.99!

Text chat

We designed Killer in the Cabin to be a hype social game, and we think that players talking together is at the heart of this. But if you are discussing who was near the cabin when one of the players dies, or just chatting about things happening in your lives. But we know that some of you are not comfortable with talking on the internet, and some of you are having issues with your mic :) So for you, we added a text chat.


Melee has been revised, and it should feel much better now. That character will face the camera direction when punching or stabbing, so there should be a lot less punching in the air. (It was never you ravynia, it was always our fault) We’ve greatly increased the damage done by knives, and slightly increased damage from punches.

You can start a vote for who the killer is at any time, and if more than half of the players agree, the respective player dies. But you won’t know if you have voted off the actual killer before the end of the game session.

Sharing information with the other players is critical to stay safe and to expose the killer.

Unless you are a killer of course. As a killer you have a range of different options for how to terminate the other players, but you have to be stealthy. Blunt violence is seldom a good idea, at least not before you have thinned the horde. Poison the food, or one of the ingredients, strangle a sleeping player, sabotage the survival efforts, and any other devious thing you can come up with. But your voice is the most powerful weapon, nothing is more suspicious than a quiet killer. And if you play your cards right, you can get the innocent players killing off each other.

With 15 minute long game sessions and multiplayer play with up to 8 players, Killer In The Cabin puts players’ communication, deception and truth-telling skills to the ultimate test. Crafty killer or innocent survivor? The voice is the most powerful tool in Killer in the Cabin, as nothing is ever more suspicious as a quiet murderer. Playing Killer in the Cabin requires a microphone, as it is critical to the core social interaction gameplay experience.

Killer In The Cabin is coming to PC (Steam) in 2022.

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