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August 2022

Return To Nangrim

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Sycoforge
Release Date: Q1 2022

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'Return To Nangrim' Contest Aims To Assemble Virtual Dwarven Choir To Create Soundtrack - Trailer

by Rainier on May 10, 2022 @ 1:40 p.m. PDT

Return To Nangrim is a first-person story-heavy immersive fantasy adventure with survival and RPG elements.

Settled in the epic self-contained Arafinn universe, Return to Nangrim is a VR-playable first-person fantasy adventure game with exploration, puzzle, RPG, and survival elements.

‘Return to Nangrim’ revolves around the story and legacy of the almost forgotten nation of the Stonebeards who used to live in the inhospitable realms of the northern Nimbor Mountains. The first-person, dwarven adventure game comes with some unique features and highlights - an epic journey that not only challenges the wits and combat skills of the player but comes with a whole fantasy universe as a background, promises a sustainable fantasy experience we haven’t seen since ‘Lord of the Rings’.

While Survival and RPG elements can be remarkably demanding of equal parts grit and gumption on the average gamer, the Arafinn Universe rose to the challenge with a complex story that is not only immersive in its unfolding experience but also offers rewarding new twists to its first-person gameplay.

The players are invited to an epic immersive transmedia gameplay adventure where they will have to prove their wits and skills to unveil the secrets and story of Nangrim. Explore Nangrim, once the great capital of the Stonebeards in the Nimbor mountains, overrun and destroyed by waves of bloodcurdling Uturi, which lies abandoned in the depth of the mountains. Abandoned, but neither deserted nor forgotten. Craft weapons to defend against creatures of the dark. Learn Hilduir, the runic language of the dwarves, collect and combine items to interact with the environment, and piece together the story, puzzles, and culture of this long-forgotten nation.

Go on an epic adventure and unveil the legends woven around the Stonebeards, the once glorious dwarven family living in the northern Nimbor Mountains. The fabled world of Nangrim awaits you.

Sycoforge Studio is set to assemble the world’s biggest virtual dwarven choir as the developer aims to record a Hilduìr (the language of the Arafinn dwarves) version of the dwarven song, “The Mountain Throne,” composed by Caleb Blood, one of five composers working on the project.

The goal is to form a virtual choir comprising the game’s community members and everybody interested in fantasy music. The final product will be a video presenting the song with all the participants audible and visible in a collage.

In a truly remarkable display of user-generated content as a force for good, Sycoforge aims to capture the mood of the dwarven kindred spirit that is well documented throughout the game. The fun community project affords gamers, fans, and influencers a golden chance to contribute their vocals which would be mixed and included in the soundtrack for the highly-anticipated dark fantasy video game. 

“It’s an exciting opportunity for gamers and fans to feel a part of the experience while exploring the game’s fantasy universe. The steps are as easy as selecting the correct options on the website and leaving your footprint on one of the most exciting gaming community projects around.” stated Martin Villiger, lead composer for Return to Nangrim.

Aspiring participants of this virtual community choir, which aspires to be the largest ever assembled, can simply visit the landing page, where a template of the song can be downloaded as a guide. This can be used for practicing and singing along while recording the voice. After getting a good hang of the soundtrack’s riveting aura, community members are encouraged to record their vocals in the same length as the template and send in their sound files in WAV format.

The guidelines for participation urge interested individuals and groups to record their voices as a solo track and without the music to prevent conflicting sounds. The fun does not end there. Participants may film themselves recording their parts of the song for an opportunity to get featured on the soundtrack’s music video, which will be uploaded on YouTube. 

Participants may wish to take a step further by taking one of the solo parts. The solo parts are open to everyone, but slots are limited as only a few verses go around. If anyone wishes to take one of the solo parts of the song, they are encouraged to select the option on the website.

All the vocal inputs from the choir will undergo musical arrangements and production, and the final version of the soundtrack will be featured in the video game. The guidelines to hop on this remarkable project can be iterated in these three simple steps: Download the song, practice, and record your vocals as solo tracks. Each community member gets credited to reward participation, and the 100 first valid submissions receive a limited legendary in-game item: A golden Lorìn, a dwarven lute for the final game.

Key Features:

  • Explore epic locations and unveil their secrets. Collect, combine and craft items, and interact with the environment to progress.
  • Find and craft weapons to defend against the dangers that lurk in the dark. Not all creatures have left the mountain fortress.
  • Become a master blacksmith. Learn to forge like the dwarves of old.
  • Learn Hilduir, the runic language of the dwarves, to piece together the story, puzzles, and culture of this long-forgotten nation.
  • Procedurally generated content and puzzles guarantee a different gaming experience for every player.
  • Your torch is essential: it is not only a flame to light your way but also your primary weapon of defense. Learn how to craft to upgrade it to its full potential; keep it close when the darkness closes in.

Sycoforge is developing Return to Nangrim as a VR-compatible game. This means the teams' approach is to enable seamless switching in and out of VR at any time during the gameplay experience. Therefore, players will not need VR equipment to get the lore-heavy fantasy adventure experience, but players who own equipment already can immerse themselves in VR to explore epic throne halls and mountain caves. 

Return to Nangrim is in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC (Steam), scheduled for 2022.

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