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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Majic Jungle
Release Date: July 26, 2022

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'Sapiens' Coming to Steam Early Access This Summer, Demo During June's Steam Next Fest - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 17, 2022 @ 12:00 p.m. PDT

Sapiens is an expansive building sim where players are the architects of a brand new prehistoric world.

Beginning with a handful of tribe members, you’ll need to evolve your primitive hunters, grow their numbers and lead them in creating a flourishing civilization that spans thousands of years.

Accessible for those new to the genre but offering huge depth for veterans, Sapiens allows players to create a sprawling civilization from the ground up. Assign tribespeople jobs, determine their primary role and see them develop their new settlement as they plant crops, clear paths, gather materials, cook and build. Sapiens can also be assigned to investigation or diplomacy roles to help advance their society.

As the heart and soul of the game, your sapiens are key to expansion. Whether you send them to explore far-off lands to discover fresh resources or task them to build transportation networks, with the right management your tribe's size and their influence can rapidly expand. It will be down to you to manage their mood, build them shelters, keep them happy and preserve their resources. With every aspect of the game and its world interactable, right down to placing every wall, seat or fireplace, you will need to determine how your settlement is built and maintained. 

With a deep technology tree to unlock new abilities that allow sapiens to build tools and improve living conditions, players will also need to pay close attention to map regions. Some bring their own unique challenges, with weather effects and seasons playing a key part in maintaining your tribe, their settlement and its likelihood of survival. 

Sapiens is coming to Steam Early Access later this year and is expected to remain so for "a couple of years or more."

Starting June 13th eager fans will be able to carve out their new world during Steam’s Summer Next Fest.

“Sapiens has been built with multiplayer in mind, but it needs more work and lots of community testing and feedback before it will be ready. So multiplayer will come after the early access launch. Full controller support and VR support are also planned to be completed for the full release. The full version will also add more later game content, as well as the addition of new mechanics, refinement of the existing experience, and progressing further into future technologies. You can expect to see the addition of boats, fishing, horseback riding and the transport of goods. More interactions with other tribes will be added, with the ability to trade or steal, recruit or fight. Also, expect to move further into the medieval era and beyond with the crafting of metal tools, and more advanced farming and refining processes.”

Key Features:

  • Lead and foster a group of resourceful tribespeople as they navigate a primitive, sparsely populated land 
  • Find new resources and send sapiens to investigate, leading to new breakthroughs which unlock new items to build and craft
  • Instruct individual sapiens to focus on specific tasks, and watch as they learn new skills, making them more valuable to the tribe
  • Sapiens features gridless, completely free-form building. Every item, from rocks to branches and trees, can be removed or placed. Terrain can also be dug, mined, or filled for further customization 
  • Build shelters, both to keep sapiens happy, and to preserve food and resources. Every wall, roof, seat or fireplace can be placed individually. Every tree, log, plank or rock can be removed or placed, and the terrain can be dug, mined or filled to shape the world to player’s liking 
  • Send sapiens over long distances and establish camps to gather far away resources or conduct hunting missions. Take down a mammoth to feed and clothe the tribe for months, but know that some sapiens may be lost in the effort

Sapiens is in development for PC (Steam).

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