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August 2022

Star Citizen

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Cloud Imperium Games

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'Star Citizen' v3.17 Update Adds Mining Gadgets, New Cargo Ship, Loot Selling And More - Trailer

by Rainier on May 2, 2022 @ 9:07 a.m. PDT

Star Citizen is an epic experience where players can fly highly detailed space ships, explore life-sized planets, battle on foot through massive space stations, and discover adventure in an ever-expanding and changing galaxy of unmatched scale.

Star Citizen delivers the next generation of space flight simulation gaming, combining FPS (First Person Shooter) combat and persistent MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gameplay to create a living, breathing first person universe capable of truly unlimited gameplay experiences. In addition, through the game's advanced Newtonian physics engine, Star Citizen enables players to experience an unparalleled space sim flying experience with ship control, performance and response calculated based on dozens of dynamically generated physics based variables.

Star Citizen will not require a subscription, and not be free-to-play, it will will be available for a one-time purchase. And while players will be able to play in the Star Citizen universe for free, there will also be virtual items available for purchase with in-game credits so players can customize their ships and other items.

Cloud Imperium Games released the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes update.

Fueling Fortunes expands the economic and career opportunities available to pilots with the addition of new locations to explore, and tools to support emergent gameplay. The Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC) manufacturer introduces the new Hull A – the entry-level ship in the MISC Hull lineup of cargo-hauling vessels perfect for pilots beginning their career in trading, now available for spaceflight.

Life in the ‘verse can be dangerous and costly, and every pilot needs a way to earn an honest living. Today’s Fueling Fortunes update adds new functionality to NPC vendors and storefronts, allowing pilots to sell unwanted inventory items for cold hard UEC when they’re done hunting pirates or exploring for resources. There are also new and improved ways to earn credits with the addition of ship-to-ship refueling, allowing MISC Starfarer owners to refuel ships in space and charge customers for the service, as well as mining gadgets that can enhance the mineral yield of asteroids. Additionally, players can explore the first implementation of river technology with the introduction of the first interactive river on microTech, teeming with plant life and harvestable resources on the surrounding bank.

“With the Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes release we’re thrilled to introduce new places to explore like the Maria Pure of Heart hospital in Lorville and new ways to participate in the in-game economy – whether it be through selling plunder from hard-fought pirate battles or counting your profits from a day of mining and cargo transporting,” said Star Citizen Creative Director, Chris Roberts. “We’re excited to see how pilots interact with the new features and watch the emergent gameplay unfold, especially with ship-to-ship r6efueling, which will create interesting encounters between players. This is just the start of our plans for 2022, and we can’t wait to share more details about what is in store for Star Citizen.”

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes update key features include:

  • Ship-to-ship Refueling: The MISC Starfarer can now refuel stranded ships or top off fuel tanks before a long voyage. Pilots can charge the recipients for the fuel and service, creating a new money-making profession in the ‘verse.
  • Selling to NPCs: NPC vendors and stores are now greater participants in the economy, and players can sell weapons, armor, and other looted items for UEC.
  • Mining Gadgets: Take asteroid mining to new depths! Mining gadgets can be placed on asteroids with a variety of effects such as making the asteroid easier to break apart or increasing the quantity of mineable minerals.
  • Lorville Hospital: The Maria Pure of Heart hospital has been added to the Hurston Dynamics company town of Lorville, welcoming in new patients. Pilots can now access hospitals in all landing zones of the Stanton system.
  • Interactive River Tech: With the implementation of river tech complete, the first interactive river has been added and can be found on microTech. Pilots can glide over the water in search of harvestable resources, or go for a stroll through the water for a different perspective on the ‘verse (helmet required).
  • MISC Hull A: The “entry level” of the MISC Hull line of commerce-grade cargo ships is ready to kick-start a pilot’s career in space-trucking with its unique, expandable arm tech for carrying large commercial cargo containers. As with the larger Hull ships in its series, the MISC Hull A is designed to do one thing – haul lots of cargo. With the ability to land planet-side even when fully loaded, it’s the perfect vehicle for enterprising station-to-orbit cargo captains throughout the ‘verse.

For full details on the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes update, please head here.

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