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August 2022

The Crackpet Show

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Vixa Games
Release Date: 2022

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'The Crackpet Show' Early Access update Adds New Weapon, Items And More

by Rainier on May 26, 2022 @ 11:11 a.m. PDT

Team up with up to 4 players and take on the role of gunned up and insanely freaky animals ready to gut up enemies just to gain fame in the World’s Biggest bullet-hell Show!

The Crackpet Show is a high-powered hybrid of the bullet-hell shooter and vehicular mayhem with easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition.

An apocalyptic event that occurred without warning changing the fate of the planet as we know by annihilating mankind. It turned the surface into a hazardous area poisoning and mutating all creatures that managed to survive the catastrophe. Those creatures became the main habitats of the devastated world and among them are the worst kind - The Crackpets!

The world as we know collapses, governments and civilizations fall, the new age dawns, and entire swaths of people are extinct… Rules, laws, relationships, etiquette, habits - everything about society has been remade and formed novum that no one could predict in their wildest dreams - everyone solely survives on entertainment. Their definition of “fun” is completely different from what it used to mean. The animals created the only way to satisfy their urges of enjoyment.

Their crazy brains invented a TV Show that is broadcasted worldwide! Some of the creatures spiral into madness, some discover the insatiable lust for entertainment others use their craziness to provide it. Silly mutated brains decided to choose a leader and they have decided to choose in their own wicked way. The TV Show where the most insane champions take part is not only to provide an epic blast - it's the only thing that is left in this world.

Champions known as The Crackpets take part in deadly arena matches to satisfy the urges of cruelty, greed, and carnage - basic pandemonium of wickedness which in the new dictionary is the definition of fun. Victory is only secondary here, what matters is to become the ultimate hero of the masses. The number one is chosen by the spectrum of fame, likes, approval, skills, tricks, uncontrollable wickedness, and ability to round up the masses thanks to the non-controlled bloodshed.

Up to four champions can enter the arena and cooperate to survive enemies and bosses like DJ Horse, Hugger, Junk Queen and that’s just the start! Get through each of the seasons in the most roguelike bullet-hell way possible, oh and obviously don't forget about mayhem... Get the full recognition from watching psycho-brains by creating epiccarnage!

So gear up, invite your friends, and get involved in the most creepy, post-apocalyptic, rogue-like bloodbath!

For the first time in the history of The Crackpet Show, the audience will join the fight and support you on the way. You can now pick a new perk for a headstart when entering the room, plus a very punchy new weapon.

Let’s take a look at all that’s new:

  • New weapon
    • Fist pump - Punch through your enemies and push them away with your big human fist. Protect your personal space!
  • New perk:
    • Adrenaline Shot - Boosts your damage, shot frequency and walking speed for a brief time upon entering each stage.
  • New special items:
    • Tesla Turret - Places a turret that deals instant damage to every enemy near it. It's shockingly effective!
    • Manifesto - Summons members of the audience to fight on your side. Rally the people to fight for the right cause!
  • New skins for mini bosses

Update on the balance

The last set of balance changes is working as intended, so we decided to leave it that way and check it one more time after looking at the stats of new tools for mayhem introduced in this patch!

0.14.1 - changelog

  • New content
    • New weapon - Fist Pump
    • New perk - Adrenaline Shot
    • New special item - Tesla Turret
    • New special item - Manifesto
    • New skins for mini bosses for episodes 15 & 16
  • Fixes
    • Adjusted selecting speed when holding analog stick in UI and performance improvements

Update on skins and coming up next…

The initial plan was to add character skins, but we are working to make it more engaging and complex, and we’ve started working on a brand new machine for the lobby.

There is also a surprise connected with the full launch of the game, we can’t reveal it for now, but it means you will get more content than initially planned on the roadmap.

The Crackpet Show is available through Steam Early Access.

Key Features:

  • Performance matters, victory is only secondary - Impress the audience by creating uncontrollable chaos and get more likes and fame with each kill. The more the merrier! In the end, there can be only one winner. 
  • Teamplay! - Gather up to 4 friends, hack & slash together through enemies, and win the hearts of your fans (not literally). Team up, share the loot (when the time comes fight for it), and even revive your partners when dead. There can be only one star but that star will need sidekicks
  • Monotony not in the dictionary - procedurally generated maps, numerous enemies, collection of weapons, items, and perks - more with each passing episode of the show! Choose one of four available starting classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic & Tank) and play with your favorite Crackpet (Bunny, Cowie, Rusty, Sharky). Discover different combinations of weapons, perks, and items that will turn you into the killing machine the crowd wants! If you don’t want to become a red spot on the ground, before advancing on to the harder chapters of the show it is also a good idea to upgrade them so you can get a bit of advantage on start. All you need to create the overwhelming bloodshed is right there waiting for you.
  • Nostalgic inspiration - The gore and graphics are a reflection of the characters' lust for blood and their craziness which brings us to sweet and creepy Happy Tree Friends inspired characters and the crazy show that must go on! The post-apocalyptic hype train will soon take off!
  • Lights, camera, and action! - Pure roguelike hack & slash action until the last episode of the Show! Slice, poison, trap, shot, nuke, dash - no holds barred - epic carnage must be created! Star needs trophies, trophies drop from the bosses. Now go slay everything and become a champion!

The Crackpet Show is coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox and PC (Steam) in 2022.

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