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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Developer: Tunnel Vision Studio
Release Date: 2022

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'Starsand' Early Access Update Adds Sandboard, Optimizations, Steam Deck Compatibility And More - Trailer

by Rainier on May 27, 2022 @ 11:06 a.m. PDT

Starsand is a desert survival game set in a desert open world that looks like Earth but feels quite different.

Do you feel the unbridled heat on your skin, the wind-blown sand tearing at your face? Wherever you look, nothing but a vast desert, but wait, what is that - something is moving in the far distance. Where are you? What has happened? 

Your day started as planned. The months of hard training should finally bear fruit. Motivated and full of ambition, you started the race of your life in the middle of the desert, surrounded by like-minded people who wanted to fulfil the dream of conquering the desert together with you and crossing the finish line with pride at the end of the Desert Race. 

But now you are suddenly alone in an inhospitable, hot environment. Deserted and unforgiving, the hot dunes stretch to the horizon. What happened? Where are you?

Dangers, mysteries, and puzzles await you! Find out what exactly happened, where you are and what connects you to the history of an extinct civilization. Will you manage to survive in this inhospitable environment, find answers and find your way back to your old life?

Find shade, find water, find life. Use your energy wisely, avoid too much effort in the heat, keep yourself warm through the coldest nights. You must keep your wits sharp to survive.

Hunt for food, make weapons, build a shelter, and secure it. The dunes are teeming with deadly creatures, familiar and otherwise.

In this desert you are both a hunter and prey. Insect-like predators come out of their dark nests, always looking for food. Protect yourself with fire, blow up enemies with explosive coconut grenades, secure your base and do whatever it takes to survive.

Find your way in the vast and lonely desert, orient yourself in sandstorms and mark your path. Thirst and heat become an invincible enemy during the day - cold endangers you during the night. Learn to live with adversity, see the beauty that the world holds, and learn from the animals and nature!


Snowboarding is too cold? Surfing is too wet? Then grab your sandboard and race down the dunes. Just make sure you don't end up in a body of water inhabited by crocodiles.

Publisher Toplitz Productions and developer Tunnel Vision Studio present the May update for Starsand, adding a new fast-paced travel option to the survival adventure in a mysterious desert world. In addition to the downhill adrenaline rush there are further optimizations and content enhancements.

Architects, for example, will be happy about numerous new components such as double or hatch doors. Experimental players, on the other hand, will enjoy the support of multiple savegames, inviting them to take different actions or make alternative decisions during another run without having to forfeit their progress.

In addition, the May update ensures that mobile survivalists can also escape dangers on the Steam Deck with the Sandboard. Starsand has been rated "Verified for Steam Deck", ensuring it is fully compatible with Valve's popular mobile hardware.

More content updates are planned in the coming months. In the summer, for example, Starsand will surprise you with a new zone, a new enemy, a strange artifact and a new part of the story to reveal.

Starsand is currently available through Steam Early Access for $19.99, while players can also buy the Digital Supporters Pack, which grants access to digital goodies and expands your desert adventure with exclusive content.

Key Features:

  • A massive otherworldly desert landscape to explore. Navigate over 64 km² terrain.
  • Discover a world full of lost monuments, strange artefacts and creatures both modern and ancient.
  • Awaken your survival instincts in this challenging environment. Brave the blazing sun, freezing nights, and brutal sandstorms.
  • Scavenge, gather, harvest and craft. Protect your body and your new home against the dangers of this harsh desert world.
  • Unpredictable weather and an impactful day/night cycle put planning at the forefront. Prepare well for every expedition and all you might encounter.
  • Unravel a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Discover ruins, piece together the truths of this world, solve puzzles and journey deeper into the unknown.

StarSand is in development for PC (Steam), full launch scheduled for summer 2022.

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