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August 2022

Dark Envoy

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Asmodee Digital
Developer: Event Horizon
Release Date: 2022

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'Dark Envoy' Publishing Rights Picked up By Asmodee Digital - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 4, 2022 @ 2:16 p.m. PDT

Dark Envoy is a non-linear RPG blending free movement exploration, real time pre-combat, and turn-based tactical combat to make for a rich lore and gameplay experience.

As two sibling relic hunters, your actions may change the entire course of this world-splitting conflict.

Malakai and Kaela are children of war refugees, living the day-to-day life of adventurers as they seek ancient relics and forgotten places. Soon they too will have to learn how to survive in the chaos of war, as blood and tragedy will mark the beginning of their true journey.

Dark Envoy merges together a rich, non-linear story and tactical, party-based combat with dynamic gameplay flow and high-quality visuals and effects. Further, it blends modern concepts with classic genre tropes, creating a distinct and unique RPG gaming experience.

The main component of Dark Envoy is a story campaign that can be completed alone or in online co-op mode with another player. Grab a friend and travel the world, seeking out whatever dungeons, challenges, and riches may come your way. Enjoy the story and search for ancient relics and forgotten places together.

Jäan has exploded into total war as humans challenge the old balance and traditions of magic with their mana-based technology. Humans, mysterious beings with a far more mysterious past, are newer to this world but have risen under the banner of the self-proclaimed emperor to establish a place they can finally call home.

Up until now, the Old Races looked down at humans for their weak connection to magic and held them in check through their superior knowledge of the arcana. Now, Orcs and Elves have been pushed off their lands and must fight to protect the natural order of magic.

Dark Envoy can be described as a mix of Divinity series, XCOM, FTL, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, yet becoming something entirely different as a result.

Asmodee Digital announced that it will publish Event Horizon's Guns N' Sorcery RPG-adventure Dark Envoy.

"We are delighted to partner today with the gifted Event Horizon team to publish Dark Envoy, an innovative tactical RPG" said Nicolas Godement, Head of Operations at Asmodee Digital. "As we are expanding our editorial scope towards new genres and new audiences, Dark Envoy fits perfectly with our desire to offer players increasingly varied and immersive gaming experiences. We look forward to allowing players to discover the unique world of Dark Envoy and are excited to support Event Horizon throughout this journey."

"For Dark Envoy, we were looking for a publisher that shares our utmost respect for the gaming community and is willing to experiment with gameplay mechanics and look for ways to refresh the RPG genre," explained Krzysztof Monkiewicz, CEO of Event Horizon. "Asmodee Digital is focused on delivering high-quality entertainment, and that fits perfectly with our mission to make our games a unique experience for all players."

Key Features:

  • Companions: Recruit characters such as a Moon-Elf assassin, quirky engineer, ex-Imperial soldier, renowned Elven mercenary, and more.
  • Non-Linear RPG Narrative: Your choices are everything as they can reshape the conflict that has gripped the world of Jäan. Which faction will you align with? Will your legacy be one of peace and honor or stained by bloodshed and destruction?
  • Main/Side-Quests and Shape-Shifting Dungeons: Explore the world in your Skyship, hunting for ancient treasures through over 15 different biomes with various gameplay mechanics. A large pool of quests and events are waiting for you to discover them. In addition to the main and side-quests, there are optional shape-shifting dungeons for players to explore. These are challenging areas where the layouts and enemy patrol routes shift each time you enter. These dungeons yield powerful rewards and players will have to think on their feet if they want to attain what these unique spaces offer.
  • Tactical, Party-Based Combat: Real-time combat (with slow or pause) that rewards tactical thinking. Strategically maneuver your party, utilizing destructible cover and taking on enemies with a deep pool of visually stunning abilities.
  • Authentic, Flexible RPG Systems: Utilize a wide variation of skills among 4 base classes and 16 specializations. Discover rare, hidden classes which can only be found in remote locations and through special quests. Experiment and adapt to your playstyle: mix together skill trees, boost individual abilities, and select classes and specializations that compliment each other. Take advantage of an expansive crafting system featuring research and enchantment.

Dark Envoy will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) in 2022.

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