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August 2022

Warstride Challenges

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Dream Powered Games

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'Warstride Challenges' Also Comes to PS5 And Xbox Series X|S, Steam Early Access Update Adds New Content

by Rainier on May 5, 2022 @ 9:43 a.m. PDT

Blast hordes of demons at lightning speed in bloody gunfights, and race against the clock to overcome everything that comes your way! Die and retry to get the highest score in increasingly intense trials.

Race, aim, fire!

Blast hordes of demons at lightning speed in bloody gunfights across a series of increasingly intense trials. Slow time to pull off impossible headshots, bunny hop to pick up speed, slide around corners and shred foes with destructive shockwaves! Die and retry to pull off the perfect run, then prove your worth on the global leaderboard to let the world know you’re the greatest demon slayer.

Race against the clock to overcome every challenge that comes your way, unlocking and unleashing an arsenal of devastating weapons and powers. Compete with your friends and the community to get the highest score and race the ghosts of anyone online – even your favorite streamers! Whether you’re an eSports pro or a shooter beginner, you’ll progress to become an FPS master.

Warstride Challenges has released its first Steam Early Access Updates, adding the Very Hard mode for Chapter 1, plus improvements for the level editor.

Today’s update gives players a first taste of Warstride Challenges’ Very Hard difficulty level, unlocked for Chapter 1 with 12 additional levels. Many improvements and fixes have also been made, with a focus on making the level editor more precise and accessible.

A new Level Editor Guide has also been added on Steam to make it even easier to create your own devious trials - let your imagination run wild and share your designs with the community!

In addition, Focus Entertainment and Dream Powered Games have confirmed that Warstride Challenges is in development for a future release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Patch notes



  • 12 very hard level from Chapter 1: Crypt
  • Added bindings for StatMenu, ToggleGhost,ToggleHud

Bug Fixes

  • Tuto quick restart, platform are now more obvious
  • Tuto quick restart, fixed trigger for restart tip
  • Hole and floating stone in Crypt 3 Hard
  • Collisions issues in Crypt 9 Side room
  • Crypt 9 Hard is now Very Hard, and Very Hard is Hard (score have been reset)
  • BFL Crypt 2: Hard leaderboard reset due to change of Crypt 9
  • Button inside walls in low settings in Ruins 15
  • Reload tips won’t be displayed if no ammo
  • Removed Ammo in Bonus 9
  • Bigger hitbox for small enemies
  • Important light optimisation on center room of Chapter 2 Special level
  • Fixed DLSS setting not being saved
  • Fixed crash when quick restarting on a bumper
  • Fixed no toggle slow motion being inverted after a quick restart
  • Caped kill sound to 10 in buffer


  • Added option to disable Crosshair Color change hover enemies, causing visibility issues to Daltonians.

Level Editor


  • New Autosaves System
  • New Confirmation box UI
  • Show downloaded levels in "Downloads Levels" window
  • Removed grid and camera max height
  • Grid and Camera with higher location (allow to build below starting position)
  • Save grid’s height and scale during the session and restore it after testing a level
  • Now show creator name in the thumbnail of the level
  • Removed camera inertia
  • Removed "New Level" button from "Save Load" window
  • New basic blocks : 2xWall with round hole, ceiling, cylinder, spike & H?!
  • New prefab : Small Room with 4 Doors
  • Display map creator’s name

Bug Fixes

  • Community Level Browser: fix description overflowing
  • Show level name in Tab and End window
  • Avoid Autosaves to be the last active save
  • Allow to place elements without the grid active
  • Bind Num pad “+” and “-” to change the grid scale (was bound to camera speed before)
  • Reload tips won’t be displayed if no ammo
  • Going back to brush mode will select last selected brush
  • Added min/max for world settings
  • Fixed a crash in description when publishing

Key Features:

  • Get in the flow: blast hordes of demons in satisfying, bloody combat
  • Die and retry to get the highest score: show the world you’re the greatest demon slayer!
  • Challenge anyone online, racing them async with the Nemesis Mode
  • Create, share and play unique challenges from the community

Warstride Challenges is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam).

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