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Songs Of Conquest

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
Developer: Lavapotion
Release Date: 2023

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'Songs Of Conquest' Reveals Early Access Development Roadmap

by Rainier on June 30, 2022 @ 10:07 a.m. PDT

Songs Of Conquest is a turn-based strategy adventure game that fuses RPG, tactical combat and kingdom management.

Songs Of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game where players can build their kingdoms, explore distant lands and battle for dominance in single player campaigns, online and local multiplayer or skirmishes. In battle, players will take control of a wide range of combat units as well as Wielders, unique hero units that can control magic and buff their troops, as well as cast destructive spells on their foes. The game will also launch into Early Access with a map editor that will give players the tools to create their own adventures and share their creations with others.

Songs Of Conquest is brought to life by an original take on pixel art design, allowing players to explore a unique and beautiful fantasy setting. The in-game world is teeming with noble knights, nefarious necromancers and forest Faey locked in battle over power and territory. Players will encounter four distinct factions, each with their own unique aesthetics, gameplay and hero units, ranging from the noble knights of Arleon and the mysterious Barony of Loth to the swamp dwellers of the Rana tribes or the mercenaries of Barya.

Songs Of Conquest is defined by its unique combat system, utilising hero units known as Wielders, each with their own affinity to a specific set of magic spells that buff their troops, rain destruction on their enemies or grant players extra turns and combat options. Each of the four factions prioritises a different magic school, and the Wielders’ mana resource, known as Essence, comes directly from the number and size of its army.

Players can take control of all four factions at Early Access launch, and embark on exciting single player campaigns for Arleon and Rana.Songs of Conquest will offer two single player campaigns at Early Access launch. The first campaign follows an Arleon knight, Cecilia Stoutheart, as she uncovers and combats foul deeds in her barony. In the second campaign, players will witness the rise of the Rana swamp tribes once more as they discover their true heritage. A Skirmish mode is also included to pit players against enemies to test their mettle and strategic combat. Local and online multiplayer are available, as well as a  fully fleshed out Map Editor used in the creation of the game, that will offer a plethora of tools for players to build their own adventures and stories.

In the very near future, players will see multiple multiplayer improvements such as the fan-suggested inclusion of simultaneous turns, the ability to control hostiles during combat and more opportunities for gameplay during an opponent's turn. What’s more, Songs of Conquest will be adding campaign difficulty settings, as well as a new skirmish map. The game is also being localised into more languages - Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Turkish. 

Coming later in 2022, a random map generator will be making an appearance to add some chance and mystery to players’ adventures, enhancing Songs of Conquest’s replayability. Additionally, more Wielder spells, unit traits and abilities are also planned to add spice and diversity to combat. Last but not least, a brand new single player campaign will be introduced this year, with a second one coming in 2023. These campaigns will revolve around the trade nation of Barya and the barony of Loth, expanding the game’s lore. 

And there’s so much more in store for this year and beyond! The game will receive continuous improvements to AI, UI and UX, and importantly, new Skirmish maps! This isn’t everything that’s coming however - the roadmap can and will change as Songs of Conquest’s early access period progresses.

“We’re excited to finally reveal some of the updates coming to Songs of Conquest in the near future,” said Carl Toftfelt, Lead Designer at Lavapotion. “We’re so grateful for all the fan feedback we’ve received since the games’ Early Access launch. I’d like to encourage everyone in the community to stay in touch too - this roadmap is a living document that we’ll continue to update as time goes by, and we want to continue delivering great content that players really want all the way up to the 1.0 launch.” 

Songs Of Conquest is available through Steam Early Access, GOG and Epic Games Store for 29.99$ / 29.99€.

Key Features:

  • Adventure Awaits: Explore a wide variety of maps with diverse enemies and valuable loot. Venture into contrasting biomes with unique enemy factions, environments and battlefields.
  • Build an Empire: Manage resources, research new advancements and expand your kingdom. Plan your towns to match your play style - will you utilize brute force, magic or a mix of both? There are many paths to world domination.
  • Wage War: Dive into a deep combat system utilizing troop abilities and powerful magic. Combine troops to maximize available spells and damage potential. Use the battlefield to your advantage by claiming high ground and protecting bottlenecks.
  • Alone or Together: Immerse yourself in epic single player adventure or challenge your friends to an honorable duel, online or local!
  • In-game Level Editor: The in-game level editor allows you to create your own adventures using the same tools the developers use to create campaign and skirmish maps. Script in-game events, control the soundtrack, write dialogue and share your creations with others!
  • Four Factions: Four factions are locked in an epic conflict.
    • Arleon, knights of old battling each other for dominance
    • Rana, ancient tribes fighting for survival in the swamp
    • Loth, necromancers raising the dead to create a glorious future
    • Barya, mercenaries and inventors dedicated to coin and gunpowder
  • A Choral Campaign: Listen to the bards as they celebrate your path to victory. Each faction and campaign comes with a unique song that tells the tale of your rise and ruin. Unlock new verses as you complete missions, enjoying the full track at the end of the journey.

Songs Of Conquest is coming to PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / GOG) in 2023.

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