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August 2022

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Gamera Interactive
Release Date: 2023

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'Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms' Available As Early Access Title - Trailer

by Rainier on July 1, 2022 @ 3:42 p.m. PDT

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is a fantasy action role-playing game, inspired by pen & paper games, glorious classics and recent masterpieces.

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is a high-fantasy RPG set in a dark world inspired by the darkest period of The Middle Ages. It's a story about great warriors, war and epic fights. Players take on the roles of mighty heroes (or villains), undertaking quests, building reputations, and gaining ancient relics and secrets that will allow them to triumph. The challenge doesn’t end after the first playthrough – new game modes are activated after finishing the game for the first time, giving players even more options for exploring the kingdoms and customizing their characters. Alaloth brings the ARPG dynamics to a new level with a skill-based gameplay in a gritty, dark, mature environment filled with magic and blood!

Set in a vibrant world corrupted by darkness and full of lethal dangers, the game brings players to face an ancient evil, in an epic journey through devastated lands, plagued by conflicts with noble families and clans fighting each other. Alaloth combines a hardcore combat system featuring motion captured combos and executions and the depth of cRPG that fans of the genre have always enjoyed playing.

The combat system is the core of the game experience. You will have to master different fighting styles to survive in combat. You can choose among three different Ways: Ways of Arms, Ways of Nature, Ways of Gods. Each ways allows player to spec his character following a specific class. Each class has its own abilities to use along with combat combos that are commons for all the champions.

Each hero can hire up to 3 co6mpanions during the game. Or even group with other players on hunt for larger and deadliest creatures in the world.

Gamera Interactive did a lot of research and, additionally, fantasy is something that is still appealing for a very large audience. The game is set between old school classic RPG and modern action games. All the animations used for the combat system are motion captured for a gorgeous effect. Moreover, every single environment is hand painted by the studio’s artists. While the developers were mainly inspired by games such as Baldur’s Gate and Pillars of Eternity, Alaloth was also influenced by Game of Thrones and its political landscape. There are many different Houses in the game, fighting for power, prestige and influence, which players will see unfold.

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is available through Steam Early Access and GOG for $24.99, with a 20% laiunch week discount.

In terms of content, the Early Access version of the game contains all of the main staples of the Alaloth experiences in a vast singleplayer sandbox setting where no two playthroughs are the same. The Early Access version contains a vast world with a wealth of content and all the core mechanics in place. The team worked hard to ensure we deliver a great experience and robust build from day one. Although a substantial part of the content has already been developed and implemented, there is still work left to reach the high-quality bar we set for the full release.

A bit of numbers:

  • 2 GAME MODES: A full single player campaign and a competitive mode fighting against champions from other houses
  • 40 HOUSES & CLANS: Their lore, their story: you can fight as one of them [or create your own legacy]
  • 40 CHAMPIONS: Representing houses & clans, with their own behavior. Challenge them in competitive mode or meet them around as NPC
  • A HUGE LIVING WORLD TO EXPLORE: 4 Kingdoms, 28 cities, 35 Fighting Areas, 30 Point of Interest, Special Areas to be unlocked
  • CRAFTING: 14 different materials to choose from, dozens of armor sets and weapons to craft
  • ENCHANTING: Use your gems to increase your equipment stats
  • 4 FIGHTING STYLES: 1H and Shield, Heavy Weapons, Polearms, Dual Wielding: choose your style [anim set is different for each weapon]
  • 350+ CHARS TO INTERACT WITH: Merchants, warriors, masters, QG, kings & queens: meet them all
  • 120+ QUESTS: Each run a different story: a huge main quest to complete to beat the game and the complete freedom on taking on the tasks you want
  • AND MUCH MUCH MORE: Tons of items, stories, dynamic events: not the same run twice!

The Early Access version of the game contains a wealth of content that will keep players engaged for many hours. While the Early Access version is very much stable and playable, players can expect to run into some bugs and other issues while playing that we intend to locate and fix before the full release. The Early Access version may lack some supporting features, may have a limited number of quests, voice-overs, etc. and may lack localizations for some languages. Throughout the course of the Early Access period we intend to introduce the missing supporting features and enhancing many of the existing features. Providing a full roadmap of adds on monthly basis. This is a breakdown of features we would like to put in in the next months

  • STRONGHOLDS: A fully customizable environment to be used as hub by the player, with the chance to customize skins, meet new unique NPC, train yourself in combat etc.
  • NEW LOCATIONS: 8 new locations on maps with new quests available
  • NEW QUESTS: A full new layer of quests with multiple options to be completed and brand new storyline for unique chars
  • NEW BOSS FIGHTS: Dragons' Season anyone?
  • NEW MOBS: Expanding the roster with new mobs for each kingdom
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER FEATURES: Introducing Arena Mode [name TBC] with the chance to fight PVP sessions with friends

Alaloth takes players to a vibrant fantasy world, letting you explore a fully realized ARPG landscape that is a mixture of old school classics and modern action games. The dark god Alaloth has descended to the mortal realm, lying imprisoned in the Valley of Storms and wreaking havoc. Destroy Alaloth within his prison to free the lands from demise. Do it as a hero… or as a dark lord.

Key Features:

  • The very first isometric souls-like game ever made: instant action, fun and a unique hardcore combat system to master. Intense combat and dungeon diving granted
  • 4 playable races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs)
  • 40+ houses and clans to fight for with their own background, alliances, intrigues. Finish the game once to start your own legacy to write your own history in The Four Kingdoms
  • In-game editor to customize your character choosing different Ways of Power, classes and skills
  • 12 memorable companions with their own backstories ready to join or fight you during your journey
  • Local Multiplayer & Coop up to 4 players: group with other players or fight them to get access to the final battle. The glory awaits only the bravest
  • Explore, craft, gain reputation and unlock new quests in an ever-changing world that is different in each run
  • World, lore and character backstories created in collaboration with RPG legend Chris Avellone, providing creative support and feedback on content design
  • Beware the dragons

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is in development for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam), currently scheduled for 2023.

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