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Roots Of Yggdrasil

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: ManaVoid Entertainment
Developer: ManaVoid Entertainment
Release Date: Fall 2023

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'Roots Of Yggdrasil' Is A Turn-based Roguelike City Builder Coming To PC In 2023 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 16, 2022 @ 3:38 p.m. PDT

Roots of Yggdrasil is a turn-based roguelike city builder set in post-Ragnarok era of Norse mythology.

Ragnarok is over. The gods have fallen and the World Tree lays shattered. Against all odds, only a Viking tribe remains, caught in an endless loop at the end of time. Can they break the cycle and rebuild their broken home?

The World Tree, Yggdrasil, has been obliterated, and your gods are dead. Only shards of the nine realms remain, scattered about the cosmos, under constant threat of being devoured by the ravenous darkness of Ginnungagap.

Following the devastation brought by Ragnarok, most of the Norse gods are dead and the remnants of the World Tree are in constant danger of being swallowed by a dark void known as Ginnungagap. The players’ colonies will therefore have to move from island to island in order to survive.

Each new island encountered will be procedurally generated, offering a new opportunity to build another village. By choosing the appropriate buildings, players will be able to harvest the surrounding resources necessary to evacuate before being plunged into darkness and fleeing to the next island.

Key features:

  • In Roots Of Yggdrasil, players’ settlements will constantly be in a race against time to avoid the Ginnungagap. Each failure will bring them back to the beginning of their adventure, where they can start anew with more knowledge and a better understanding of the game mechanics.
  • Failure will therefore be necessary for success, since players will start the loop each time with new tools, but also new challenges.
  • The game will immerse players in a never-before explored post-Ragnarok era in Norse mythology. We created our own original story about the aftermath of this cataclysmic event!
  • Explore a colorful world with a variety of different biomes, fauna and flora in this beautiful low-poly city-builder, with hand-painted visuals designed by our amazing artists!

Roots Of Yggdrasil is coming to PC (Steam) in Fall 2023.

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