Expedition Agartha

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Wandering Wizard
Developer: Matrioshka Games
Release Date: 2023/2024

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'Expedition Agartha' Available On Steam Early Access - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 18, 2022 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT

Set on a mysterious island in the Lost Continent of Mu, Expedition Agartha is a hardcore multiplayer First person looter survival game where you your expedition, encounter ruthless enemies, and discover the secrets of Agartha.

Expedition Agartha allows explorers to take on the hardcore challenges alone or with others to fight, loot, craft, live and die, drawing influence from several warrior cultures in world history as expeditions from around the world race to find the hidden subterranean land of Agartha.

Expedition Agartha’s survive-and-extract style gameplay includes a variety of weapons, armor sets, and craftable items to loot, trade, or pillage as players discover the secrets to three (3) expansive maps. Players can bring their spoils on board the Mao Kun; the flagship of a Ming-dynasty era treasure fleet, to trade items, show off hard-earned gear, or recruit other mercenaries for their adventures. Train together against dummies at the mercenary base camp, or embark deeper into the Lost Continent of Mu to face off against other mercenaries, the undead, and the mystical dangers that await underground. 

Players who embark on an expedition to discover Agartha should prepare for a challenging first-person PvPvE medieval combat experience, whose influences range from Dark Souls to Escape from Tarkov. Players just beginning their Expedition Agartha journey can choose to enter the Lost Island as a Freebooter with random starter gear, or customize their Mercenary’s gear to embark on deeper expeditions, where death at the hands of another player means a permanent loss of hard-earned loot. Successful raids of the Lost Island grant access to the Hypogean Undercroft and the Ancient Caverns, each a fully explorable map with countless secrets, collectibles, and gear to acquire. Complete quests for vendors, upgrade your weapons, and craft powerful armor as you race to the heart of a mystery that ties all of human history together.

Expedition Agartha is available through Steam Early Access for $24.99 with a 20% launch week discount (ends August 24).

“We’re really passionate about this genre of games, often pleasantly frustrated with recent defeats that made me want to do it all over again, and again, and again; but this time with weapons, combat and lands that inspire us,” said Hunter Wu, Founder of Matrioshka Games. “Atlantis, El Dorado, Shambhala – I super dig these myths, conspiracies, and mysteries from cultures from all over the world, which make references to lost civilizations and ancient magical secrets. There are so many easter eggs and items to discover already, but there’s literally an entire world of ideas left to explore.” 

“Currently, we are still in heavy development, combat system is almost 100% ready, we have the two maps almost completed. We are working on the quests system, UI, follower system, and other game loop features that are required to make the experience what it is. The game is currently considered "playable", with the core loop functional, but there is a lot of polishing and content that still needs to be added.”

“We want to expand the game to have many maps by the full version. Early Access will release with 3 playable maps. We hope to have more than 5 maps by full release. Each update will bring the player deeper into the earth, closer to Agartha. Every update we will also release new enemy types, balancing patches, and we also plan to add more player progression mechanics. For early access, progression will be centered around gaining game knowledge, completing quests, and getting better equipment to become the strongest. By Full release we would like to have more specific player progression systems such as a skill tree that allows diversification of builds. Character customization is quite limited in early access launch, with just the basic amount of options, but by full release, we also plan to have more character options, such as more faces, more hairs, more armor sets, etc. Ultimately, we plan to have a polished PvPvE first person melee combat experience by early access launch to prove to players we can build this type of game, and then we will really start fleshing out the deeper worldbuilding and special additional side content of the game.”

As more players explore the legend of Agartha, they can expect updates, new features, quality of life improvements and development milestones by the Matrioshka Games team, a small force of devs working on the project from across the globe.

Key Features:

  • Explore a lost island filled with danger and loot. Encounter bandits and beasts as you make your way through unfamiliar territory. Discover ancient ruins and ponder the mysteries of humanity's true past.
  • Fight in visceral combat involving light attacks, heavy attacks, blocks, and dodges. This means every fight is a skill-based battle of life or death.
  • Co-op with parties of up to 3 friends and launch an expedition. Ruthlessly hunt down other players, or build alliances to make it out alive together.
  • Loot and equip a variety of medieval weapons and gear from various warrior cultures to suit your playstyle and aesthetic.
  • Competitive, match-based experience where dying could mean losing everything. A successful expedition offers players with high rewards, but death will cost you all your gear.
  • Play as a Freebooter (low-risk, low-rewards) and enter the expedition with free low tier equipment without any character progression, or play as a Mercenary (high-risk, high-reward) and bring your own hard-earned gear with quest and skill progression.

Expedition Agartha is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2023/2024.

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