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March 2023

Shovel Knight Dig

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Developer: Nitrome
Release Date: Sept. 23, 2022

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'Shovel Knight Dig' Gets Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade And PC Release Date, Playable At PAX West - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 30, 2022 @ 11:35 a.m. PDT

When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight's peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them!

Meet new friends and foes, visit strange lands, and outfit yourself in your quest to keep the entire land from collapsing underfoot! Jump, slash, and dig your way down an ever-changing chasm of mystery in Shovel Knight Dig, an all-new Shovel Knight adventure!

An all-new presentation featuring a new Shovel Knight story! When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them!

The first Shovel Knight adventure in glorious high color pixel graphics and sound. Fluid animation, scaling, rotation, and parallax create the most convincing Shovel Knight world yet!

Every adventure is different! Shovel Knight Dig levels have been meticulously crafted, then stitched together using proprietary generation techniques for infinite replayability.

Jump, slash, and dig your way in an all-new direction – down! Rely on your trusty Shovel Drop, then dig through huge swaths of dirt with all-new Speed Shovel mechanics.

After 4 long years of development, we are proud to announce that our ambitious title, Shovel Knight Dig, will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, and PC (Steam) on September 23rd, 2022! 

We put our full effort into making Shovel Knight’s newest adventure chock-full of fun gameplay and our signature humor. There are thousands of pixel-perfect level chunks, which are procedurally stitched together to create infinite adventurous combinations. Each trip down the well will bring you closer to discovering the secrets lying at the bottom. So, grab your trusty shovel blade and dig in an all-new direction- DOWN…on September 23rd!!


Tinker Knight

Pros: Gregarious Demeanor, Hard Worker

Cons: Rough Hands, Works Long Hours, Always Out to Prove Himself

Every heist needs a big brain behind the brawn, and the diminutive Tinker Knight signed on as engineer for the job! The little schemer joined the Hexcavators because they had interesting and difficult problems to solve - he doesn’t seem to mind that they’re crooks! Tinker Knight has made his lair in the Smeltworks, where he has found great potential researching submersible magma tech…

Mole Knight

Pros: Great eyesight, shrewd, high endurance

Cons: Obsessive personality, gets damp in armor

After becoming captivated by Drill Knight’s tunneling prowess, Mole Knight joined the Hexcavators not in search of treasure, but for the thrill of the dig! As a burrowing specialist, Mole Knight is prepared for any situation, even excavating the thoroughly-waterlogged ruins of the Secret Fountain. Nimbly cutting both through waves and sand with relative ease, Mole Knight can burrow and backstroke with the best of them thanks to his aquadynamic armor! 

The Yacht Club Games crew is setting sail to Seattle for PAX West (September 2nd- 5th)! You’ll be able to find us exhibiting on the 4th floor at booth #217! We’re BEYOND excited to give you a sneak peak at what we’re working on!

What to expect: 

  • AWESOME Demos - Get ready for some great game playin’! We’ll have demo stations showcasing Mina the HollowerShovel Knight Dig, and Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon! Each demo will have a leaderboard for some friendly competition!
  • Merch - We’re bringing a very limited supply of PAX WEST EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRTS! In addition to the exclusives, we’ll be selling some King of Cards + Showdown, Plague of Shadow, and Shovel of Hope CDs (all signed by composer Jake Kaufman), Specter of Torment vinyl, Shovel Knight plush, and other fan favorite merchandise! A majority of these items are sold out online, so grab yours before they are gone! 
  • Freebees - We designed some show-exclusive character buttons and postcards for you to take home! We’ll be giving away a different button each day, so make sure to stop by throughout the weekend and collect all three!

All of the demos have their very own leaderboard! Do you have what it takes to take the top slot?

Grow in power and wealth as you descend into the depths of the earth. Emerge with untold riches to outfit Shovel Knight further, unlocking permanent items and upgrades to your adventuring equipment.

New Knights, new characters, and new enemies abound, but fear not! Shovel Knight Dig features Shovel Knight’s signature storytelling, humor, and maybe even some familiar faces…

Another pulse-pounding soundtrack in a new style by astonishing virtuoso Jake Kaufman!

Shovel Knight Dig is coming to Apple Arcade (free), as well as Nintendo Switch and PC on September 23, 2022 for $24.99.

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