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December 2022

Destiny's Sword

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Bonus Stage Publishing
Developer: 2Dogs Games
Release Date: Spring 2023

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'Destiny's Sword' Gets Steam Early Access Date, Full Release In Spring 2023 - Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 26, 2022 @ 5:53 p.m. PDT

Destiny's Sword is a living-narrative graphic adventure where you explore distant worlds, forge friendships and lead your troops through an epic adventure.

In a future where bodies can be healed in minutes, the wounds technology can't conquer are within the mind.

In Destiny’s Sword you’re the commander of a team of skilled troopers - and the only thing that can get in their way is themselves.

Every recruit has their own story to tell, their own reasons for getting involved. Their experiences while under your command will shape their development and affect their performance. As you get to know your squad on and off the battlefield you will explore the full depth of the human condition. Empathy will be your most powerful tool.

We’ve all played the hero. It’s time to be a leader.

Destiny’s Sword is coming to Steam Early Access on October 17th, 2022.

“The living-narrative gameplay of Destiny’s Sword means your actions don’t just affect the story, they affect your team emotionally. As their leader, you have to get to know them–find their strengths, help them overcome their weaknesses, and support them through difficult situations in order to accomplish your goals.”, describes Ken Hall, the creative director of Destiny's Sword.

The story is written by New York Times bestselling author M. D. Cooper, and the studio has been consulting with psychologists and war veterans to make sure the characters’ personalities and reactions are realistic and respectful. The studio behind Destiny’s Sword is 2Dogs Games from Ontario, Canada. The studio is run by long-time game industry veterans, who all share a passion for deep, story-rich adventures and sci-fi.

The game is fully feature-complete, but the devs are planning to add at least the double the content that's releasing now on Early Access, including more troopers and gear to be chosen in mission loadouts, which will create a ton more gameplay and variations to the gameplay scenes.”

“Including the player community and their feedback in the story’s evolution is very exciting for us. The story is a living one, so this is the perfect opportunity to let our fans jump into the development process from the first steps onward”, says Sami Mikkola from the game’s publishers, Bonus Stage Publishing.

The galaxy rests on a knife’s edge. The Galactic Government struggles to maintain control against the growing strength of the powerful corporate syndicate known as the Consortium.
Neither side is prepared for open conflict, but when unrest in a distant world threatens the flow of Lucidium, the mineral that fuels the galaxy, the two sides find their battleground. This natural paradise is called Cypris.

On Cypris players will choose a faction and take their stand. Leading a squadron of soldiers into battle, players will navigate the effects of their decisions on their troops’ mental and physical well-being.

What at first looks to be a simple fight between good and evil plays out with twists and turns as players learn that the situation is not as clear-cut as it seems.

Discovery, betrayal, advancement, and camaraderie with their squad will lead players to learn the truth of what is happening on Cypris and who is really pulling the strings, forcing everyone to dance to a tune that will topple the current powers and install a new one…

Key Features:

  • Thanks to the living universe created by our Insight Engine character AI system, Destiny’s Sword is filled with infinite, diverse personalities and unprecedented character depth.
  • Every character’s unique life history, personality and emotions govern and are dynamically shaped by their relationships and their experiences - including your actions and decisions as their commander. For example, if a character suffered trauma in their past they might need more reassurance and support. If they’ve taken multiple losses on the battlefield and are feeling down about themselves you’ll need to help them build up their confidence before they go back into more difficult missions.
  • The Insight Engine is built on extensive psychological modeling and in collaboration with consultation from real-life war veterans, it allows us to highlight the long-term costs of combat.
  • The game is built on a series of space opera novels, written exclusively for 2Dogs Games by New York Times Bestselling Author M. D. Cooper. Cooper has penned over 80 books including the Aeon 14 series and Lucidium Run, a prequel to Destiny’s Sword.

Destiny’s Sword is coming to PC (Steam) in Spring 2023.

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