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December 2022

The Jackbox Party Pack 9

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Casual
Developer: Jackbox Games
Release Date: Fall 2022

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'The Jackbox Party Pack 9' Gets Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox And PC Release Date

by Rainier on Sept. 27, 2022 @ 10:37 p.m. PDT

Get ready to play five new party games at Halloween parties, on video calls with long-distance friends, during family gatherings that need a little extra oomph and wherever else you so desire.

Save your next party!

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, having a remote happy hour, trying to make the holidays less awkward, or looking for your next game to stream, The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is here to spice things up.

Let’s keep it simple. You don’t need extra controllers for extra players - everyone uses their phones or tablets to play! Games support up to 10 players and 10,000 audience members joining in the fun to impact the outcome of the game.

It’s true that The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is so fun that we almost decided to keep it for ourselves. Then, the Video Game Illuminati descended and told us that our selfishness would be punished with ten years of cursed parties if we didn’t see the error of our ways. *shudders*

In a totally unselfish attempt to ensure your hangouts are engaging and fun through the holiday season, we’ve decided that The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is coming to major digital platforms on Thursday, October 20th! We’re on cloud nine to have successfully finished what might be our best pack yet. 

“Why did you make us wait so long to share a date?”

It’s true that we usually release our new title around this time of year! In the time leading up to launch, we have to submit our game to all of the many platforms we’re available on. Until we pass the submission process, we’re unable to select a release date. Because we have a speedy annual release cycle, the time between submission and release is super quick! As soon as we can, we pick a date and share it with the world! 

“What can I expect from The Jackbox Party Pack 9?”

Settings and features we’ve added in recent packs will still be available in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. Earlier this summer, we also announced that you’ll be able to kick players from the lobby and during the game as well. This helps keep livestreams or games being played at public events as safe as possible. This Party Pack will also allow you to connect to games via QR codes that appear on the screen in the lobby before you start a round. 

There are five games in The Jackbox Party Pack 9: the trivia bluff-off Fibbage 4, the team sorting test Quixort, the magical joke auction Junktopia, the silly guessfest Nonsensory and the salacious reality TV game Roomerang.

“How can I make sure I don’t miss the release date?”

By pre-ordering The Jackbox Party Pack 9 Steam codes from our official shop or in the Steam store, you can have the game ready to go in your Steam library as soon as it releases. The game will download on release day and then you can start your party! Plus, if you pre-order now, you’ll get 10% off your purchase. Huzzah! 

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 includes:

  1. Fibbage 4 (2-8 players) - The hilarious bluffing party game returns with an all new Final Fibbage, video questions, fan-submitted questions, and Fibbage Enough About You mode! It’s a game so beloved that we decided to slap a 4 on it.
  2. Quixort (1-10 players) - In this trivia sorting factory, work with your team to sort falling answers into their proper order before they hit the floor! Or, play the single player mode and see how many blocks you can sort before topping out. It’s as easy as A, C, B!
  3. Junktopia (3-8 players) - A strange wizard has turned you into a frog! Create hilarious backstories for weird objects and then get them appraised. The player with the most valuable items becomes human again!
  4. Nonsensory (3-8 players) - Professor Nanners is here to test your NSP (Nonsensory Perception) in this drawing, writing, and guessing game! How close can you get to guessing where another player’s prompt ranks on the silliest of scales?
  5. Roomerang (4-9 players) - Channel your inner reality TV star in an attempt to come out on top! Respond to prompts, bring the competition and role-play to avoid being voted out. Never fear though, even when you’re out you’ll find yourself Roomerang-ed right back into the drama!

How to Play Remotely?

In The Jackbox Party Pack 9, players use any web-enabled device (like a smartphone or tablet) to join the game and play along. When playing with remote players, you can use a video conferencing tool like Zoom, Steam Broadcast, Google Hangouts, Discord, and more to connect with others! Just share your screen while on a call and make sure you look for prompts to share audio. Visit our Remote Play page for more tips and tutorials.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is in English only at launch but a patch is coming soon with French, Italian, German, and Spanish localization. This game does not support online matchmaking but can still be enjoyed remotely using livestreaming services or video conferencing tools.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 will be available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam) on October 20, 2022.

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