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June 2023

Per Aspera

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Tlön Industries
Release Date: Dec. 3, 2020

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'Per Aspera' Content Update Next Week, Comes To Meta Quest 2 In February - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 19, 2023 @ 11:57 a.m. PST

Per Aspera is a planetary simulation/strategy experience that combines hard science fiction and base building.

Take control of an Artificial Consciousness named AMI, whose prime directive is anything but simple: terraform Mars into a lush, verdant paradise and prepare it for human colonization. But you aren’t the first to attempt this mission, and as you face the hardships before you, in time you may uncover the truth of their fate.

Explore a sprawling map based on real geographical data from NASA, harvest valuable resources from the surface, and experiment with various colonizing strategies as you transform a dead world into a new home for life in our solar system. City building has never been this astronomical!

Combining hard science fiction and base building, Per Aspera will challenge players on a scale never before seen in the genre, with an all-star cast of voice actors such as Troy Baker, Phil LaMarr and more.

With the nearest help being 140 million miles away, what risks are you willing to take to achieve the mission?

Raw Fury and Tlön Industries are excited to share Per Aspera VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 on February 9th, 2023 for $24.99.

Bringing a distinct, uniquely designed base-building experience to a whole new audience, players are tasked with crafting a terraforming plan and cultivating a thriving interplanetary civilization with the intention of setting a new strategy game standard in VR. Per Aspera VR provides the same world class gameplay and voice acting talent from the likes of Troy Baker and Laila Berzins, along with co-operative cultivation in sandbox mode, all while immersing and challenging players from a whole new perspective within a VR headset.

Before then, Steam / GOG owners of Per Aspera will benefit from a free content update titled ‘Home’ which is available on January 23. Players will be able to take on an all-new quest that tasks you with building out your population and floral coverage across the red planet. New and continuing technologies have also been implemented, as well as special projects, buildings and four new achievements.

The new content has been implemented in time for the Steam Base Builder Fest on January 23rd.

Key Features:

  • Take the challenge of building a new civilisation upon the blank canvas of Mars, based on geographical data from NASA.
    • Balance a complex well of resources that a new society needs to thrive
    • Build interconnected structures that span across the entire planet
    • Experiment with various colonizing strategies as you transform humanity into a multi-planetary species!
  • Experience the actual conditions and challenges that a terraforming process involves as you implement studies and scientific theories proposed by real space agencies and engineers
    • Help your colonists survive the brutal and unyielding conditions of Mars
    • Undertake research to develop new technologies that will aid the colonization process and terraforming of mars
    • Utilize scientifically accurate technology to create a thriving interplanetary operation
  • Human life must adapt to survive – and so must AMI. Experience an Artificial Consciousness grow with new experiences.
    • Forge or test relationships based on your choices—choices that will impact how your mission concludes.
    • Feel the impact of your choices through interactions with the colonists that look to you for survival
    • Uncover the mystery of a threatening presence on Mars

Currently available for PC (Steam / GOG), Per Aspera is coming to Meta Quest 2 on February 9, 2023 for $24.99.

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