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'Star Citizen' Reveals Squadron 42 Is Feature Complete, Introduces Preview Channel And Zeus Mk II Ship - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 23, 2023 @ 2:28 a.m. PDT

Star Citizen is an epic experience where players can fly highly detailed space ships, explore life-sized planets, battle on foot through massive space stations, and discover adventure in an ever-expanding and changing galaxy of unmatched scale.

Star Citizen delivers the next generation of space flight simulation gaming, combining FPS (First Person Shooter) combat and persistent MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gameplay to create a living, breathing first person universe capable of truly unlimited gameplay experiences. In addition, through the game's advanced Newtonian physics engine, Star Citizen enables players to experience an unparalleled space sim flying experience with ship control, performance and response calculated based on dozens of dynamically generated physics based variables.

Star Citizen will not require a subscription, and not be free-to-play, it will will be available for a one-time purchase. And while players will be able to play in the Star Citizen universe for free, there will also be virtual items available for purchase with in-game credits so players can customize their ships and other items.

During its annual CitizenCon 2953, Cloud Imperium Games announced that Star Citizen's single-player campaign Squadron 42 is now feature complete!

"As we move into the polishing phase, we’re fully focused on optimizing and fine-tuning all aspects of the gameplay experience to deliver an unprecedented cinematic adventure. To celebrate this milestone, we have gathered our core development leadership from around the globe to share what this means.

Thank you for your continued support of Squadron 42."

Preview Channel

At CitizenCon 2953, CIG also unveiled the Preview Channel—a new channel running in parallel with our live servers, aimed at facilitating the smooth integration of emerging technologies onto the live servers.

Throughout the development of Star Citizen, we've achieved numerous technological milestones, each bringing us closer to the immersive universe we've always envisioned. When a foundational technology comes online for the first time, it often requires a time of adjustment. It’s an iterative process that sees our team combat unforeseen challenges by inventing solutions on the fly. A process that can often cause disruptions for those who simply want to log in and play. 

That’s where the Preview Channel comes in. A new environment where we will deploy and test new underlying technology in an isolated environment to protect the reliability and playability of the live service. Upcoming foundational technology such as the Replication Layer Split and crash recovery will roll out on the Preview Channel first. These technologies will be tested and hardened in Preview Channel before making their way to PTU for migration to Live. In the future, when we're ready to deliver Server Meshing, you can expect it to go to Preview Channel first for its effects to be observed and tested before it goes to PTU. Any new technologies on the Preview Channel must be validated, graduated, and ultimately mission-proven before making their way to a live release. 

This means that if you aren’t interested in testing the latest new technologies, you can simply connect to the live game and dive right in. Those amongst you eager to get their hands on the latest cutting-edge tech will be able to connect to the new Preview Channel to do just that. 

But be warned, the Preview Channel is not for the faint of heart. You should always expect the unexpected when testing in this environment. This means that things will work, and then they won’t, that servers will be online… and then suddenly go offline. This is the wild west, a true testing environment where experimentation is the norm and all bets are off. You should never connect and expect healthy progression or reliability, but instead expect uncertainty and the potential for issues related to gameplay, connectivity, or maybe something even more unexpected. We really want to stress this to manage expectations – this is our boiling pot of new tech, and new tech which will live in the Preview Channel, until it’s in a good enough place to make the migration over to our live servers. 

Intrepid explorers will be excited to learn that we’ll be properly inaugurating the Preview Channel by opening the Pyro system within the environment this month. As mentioned above, there will be plenty of unknowns, and we need brave trailblazers like you to face them with grit and determination. Read on for a detailed schedule.

"On Tuesday, October 31, we'll open access to Pyro on the Preview Channel. We'll utilize a randomized selection process, pulling from Digital Goodies Pack owners, Concierge, and our most active testers, followed by our usual wave process. We can't wait to hear what you think about the lawless wasteland that is Pyro."

Zeus Mk II

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of aerospace history will be familiar with the legendary Zeus and its undisputed role in Humanity’s conquest of the stars. Originally prototyped in the early 2100s as commercially viable transport utilizing a streamlined quantum drive, the ship had a rocky start when early test flights went publicly awry. Luckily, this would-be legacy was eclipsed by the subsequent efforts of Navy test pilot Michelle Saleno and her hand-picked squad, the original 999th Test Squadron, who worked with RSI to redesign the Zeus' hull before successfully completing a historic test flight in 2137.

The universe has never been the same.

  • ZEUS MKII: Ready to ferry a whole new generation of travelers across the universe, Roberts Space Industries is proud to introduce a starship eight centuries in the making - the all-new Zeus Mk II spacecraft. Paying homage to the classic design that launched Humanity to the stars, the Zeus Mk II has been updated to exceed modern standards while retaining the heart of this beloved space faring icon.
  • ZEUS Mk II ES: With a focus on exploration, the Zeus Mk II ES features a robust radar packagefor finding new discoveries along with enhanced weaponry and shielding to help bring them back home.
  • ZEUS Mk II MR: With a focus on security, the Zeus Mk II MR features an EMP device and quantum dampener to help neutralize hostile forces.
  • ZEUS Mk II CL: With a focus on commerce, the Zeus Mk II CL features additional cargo space and a tractor beam ideal for handling large volumes of freight.

Special Insurance Offer

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) is just around the corner, and in anticipation of the event, RSI is offering a super-charged 10-year insurance policy on non-Warbond standalone and ship pack pledges for the Zeus Mk II. Warbond pledges include Lifetime insurance.

The Zeus is being offered for the first time as a limited vehicle concept pledge.


The RSI Zeus MK II (Including all variants) is being offered for the first time as a limited vehicle concept pledge. This means that the vehicle is in development, but it is not yet ready to play in Star Citizen. It will be available as playable content in a later patch. If you pledge towards an RSI Zeus MK II (or any available variant thereof), you will have access to a temporary loaner vehicle for use in Star Citizen until such time as the applicable variant RSI Zeus MK II is included in-game. This loaner vehicle will be a currently playable vehicle of similar approximate size and/or function – initially the Crusader A1 Spirit for gameplay in the Persistent Universe and the Crusader A1 Spirit for other game modes; we reserve the right to update the selection of loaner ships if more applicable choices become available during development.

For more information about loaner ships please visit this page and also this page. We offer pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. These ships will be available for in-game credits and/or will be otherwise earnable through play in the final universe. They are not required to start or succeed at the game.

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