Battle Shapers

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Metric Empire
Release Date: 2024

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'Battle Shapers' Available On Steam Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 3, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m. PDT

Battle Shapers is a blazing-fast, sci-fi FPS roguelite in which you shoot and smash your way through swarms of corrupt robots.

Wield powerful weapons, abilities and game-changing new powers stolen from ruthless Overlords to bring New Elysium back to the utopia it once was.

Reactivated for a final mission, you play as Ada, a spirited android who must rise to reclaim the future of her city, New Elysium, from cunning and sometimes obnoxious Overlords and their swarms of corrupt robots. Wielding an arsenal of futuristic weapons, abilities, and game-changing powers stolen from the Overlord themselves, you will shoot and smash your way through their trap-ridden towers.

Taking down these ruthless Overlords will prove to be no easy task - as you face them, they will adapt and evolve, changing the challenges of their towers and putting your skills to the ultimate test. Learn to turn their powers against them, discovering and honing powerful upgrades like the Railgun Punch and Airblade Attack to bring down the hordes of enemies that overrun the city.

Battle Shapers is available on Steam Early Access, and remain so for at least 9 months.

“We're really grateful to those who join us in Early Access to try out Battle Shapers, a project our passionate team is truly pouring their hearts into. In doing so, you'll also get to see how the game will grow as we work towards the v1.0 release in 2024”, says Pier-Luc Papineau, Design Director. “At the time Early Access begins, players will get to experience a portion of what the final game will offer, providing a great preview of the exciting content to come, some of which you can see in the team’s roadmap for the rest of the year.”

“Almost all key features of the game have been implemented and gone through multiple iterations. In terms of combat, the game offers well over 50 unlockables (e.g. weapons, abilities, talents and suit upgrades) with scores of randomized affixes, as well as damage types, status effects and buffs to fuel dynamic gameplay. There are currently 3 boss cores to collect from the game’s Overlords, each one offering a unique playstyle and numerous perks to acquire.

Players can already face-off against more than 12 types of enemies and battle 3 of the 4 planned bosses inside 3 of our 5 unique biomes. The game’s final boss, as well as our fourth and fifth biomes, are currently being developed and will be introduced in further updates. In terms of narrative, the game offers many story and lore interactions, with hundreds of possible dialogues with bosses and a few friendly characters, which will progress and evolve once the final boss is released.”

“With regular patches and updates, we will continue refining Battle Shapers’ core combat mechanics and progression systems, all the while expanding the game’s content variety with brand new biomes, weapons, upgrades, and foes to fight. One of our principal goals within Early Access is to unveil the final boss of the game, located within its own brand new level, and thus allowing players to finally beat the game and unlock additional post-game challenges and levels. We will be sharing more details about these additions, as well as any other features as the development progresses.”

Throughout Battle Shapers’ Early Access, Metric Empire will be sharpening the roguelite FPS experience with the plans they already have in mind, with attentive eyes on the reactions and observations that come from the community. The roadmap above gives a glimpse into what is planned up to December 2023 and the team has even more to share in the very near future.

Key Features:

    • Gun down hordes of cunning enemy machines with relentless risk-taking, and bot-busting close-range warfare in which every kill fuels your combat capabilities.
    • Learn to adapt to the Overlords’ dangerous attacks and retaliations that are thrown at you every step of the way.
    • Use Shaper Hacks to manipulate rewards, counter the Overlord challenges and deploy your own traps, power-ups and effects in their towers.
    • Explore vibrant towers that promise hidden Upgrades and Weapons to strengthen your build from run-to-run.
    • As your Powers grow and change, be careful—with every defeated Overlord, your path becomes more difficult.
    • Unlock new Weapons, Abilities and Talents to permanently increase your survivability and combat potential with every run.
    • Obtain the Cores of fallen Overlords to transform your combat abilities and appearance, offering new combat playstyles.
    • Stack up on Core Enhancers to augment your equipped core capacities and unleash their full potential.
    • Defy the Overlords to the sound of blazing, adrenaline-pumping rock music that will have you dive head-on and fist-first into the action.

Battle Shapers is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for full release in 2024.

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