Platform(s): Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Smilegate Entertainment
Release Date: Feb. 10, 2022

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'CrossfireX' Servers Shutting Down In May

by Rainier on Feb. 3, 2023 @ 10:58 a.m. PST

CrossfireX is a fast-paced free-to-play first-person shooter offering an exhilarating multiplayer experiences and a cinematic campaign that explores the global conflict between the world’s two most formidable private military factions.

Featuring two single-player campaign Operations being developed by Remedy Entertainment (Control, Alan Wake, Max Payne), CrossfireX will immerse players in a sprawling global conflict between Global Risk and Black List, two of the world’s most formidable private military factions.

Global Risk’s agents use advanced technology to fight for order and security, while Black List’s mercenaries fight to disrupt their efforts.

CrossfireX’s single-player Operation Catalyst and Operation Spectre will be available at launch, and will immerse players in a sprawling global conflict between Global Risk and Black List, two of the world’s most formidable private military factions.. CrossfireX also features fully-featured multiplayer modes designed by Smilegate Entertainment that will be free-to-play on Xbox platforms.

Attention Mercenaries,

It is with the deepest regret that we are informing you of our decision to end support for CrossfireX on May 18, 2023. Since the launch of the game, we have worked tirelessly to bring it to a point where we can all be proud, and throughout it all we have had the honor and pleasure of supporting our players.

Coming to this decision was not easy, however, we can proudly say that our players have been amazingly active, passionate and enthusiastic in working with us to create a game that would be fun and enjoyable by all. We want to thank each and every one of our players for playing CrossfireX and being a part of this journey with us.

Effective immediately:

  • All sales on the Xbox Store will be halted.
  • There will be no new content added to the game (i.e. maps, modes, camos, etc.).
  • Purchases made within the last 14 days as of February 3, 2023, may be eligible for a refund. Please submit a refund request here.
  • Our game servers will close on May 18, 2023 for the final time, but until then you will be able to enjoy all previously purchased and unlocked in-game content.
  • We have created this FAQ which may address any additional questions you might have.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy CrossfireX until the service ends and we will always be grateful for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues by visiting our support page.

Thank you for everything.


CrossfireX Team

CrossfireX’s multifaceted multiplayer component is available as a free download for all Xbox players, while the engaging episodic story arcs in Operation Catalyst and Operation Spectre will be available for preorder along with the Premium Battlepass Season 1 and the GATLING GUN Gold Wing in the CrossfireX Ultimate Pack for a special discounted preorder price of $24.99 ($5 off discount valid during the preorder window from 1/31-2/10).

Xbox Game Pass users can access Operation Catalyst for no additional charge as part of their Game Pass subscription.

CrossfireX is available for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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