Wild West Dynasty

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Developer: Virtual Magic Games
Release Date: 2023

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'Wild West Dynasty' Reveals More Story Details In Runup To Early Access Launch - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 3, 2023 @ 1:49 p.m. PST

Wild West Dynasty takes you back to the time when America was first characterized by a thirst for adventure, the dream of a better life and the search for personal happiness.

Where cowboys, settlers and gunslingers ride through the vastness of the prairie and enjoy a glass or two of hard liquor in the saloon in the evening - that's exactly where the latest offspring of the Dynasty series comes in.

Can you feel the heat against your skin as you work hard in the blazing midday sun, perhaps in search of gold?  Escape from everyday life and dive into the breath-taking time of the Wild West.

Experience the history of America up close!

America in the 1800’s - the trails to the West: Settlers were committed on advancing further and further towards the US Pacific; in search of a better life, for business or adventure. They founded farms, raised cattle, dug for gold, built settlements and towns.

A small find of gold is often enough to draw hundreds of daring adventurers and quickly a small settlement becomes a flourishing town with saloons, merchants, gambling, adventurers, and gunslingers...

Inspired by classic Western movies, Wild West Dynasty invites players into the iconic times of pioneers, gunslingers and outlaws. Survive the harsh environment, find a place to settle, build a ranch, raise a family and eventually become one of the most famous real estate tycoons the Wild West has ever seen. But be careful: The more fame and respect you garner, the more you’ll be in the crosshairs of outlaws. There are a million ways to die in the West! Can you avoid them all or will your legacy diminish before it even started?

With a deep as well as engaging story, an added focus on action, an extensive building system with enhanced resource management, an open character development and the largest world in franchise history yet, Wild West Dynasty takes the beloved gameplay into new territory.

The wait is almost over. So get your guns ready, polish the spurs and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

Publisher Toplitz Productions and development team Moon Punch Studio announce February 16, 2023 as the release date for the arrival of Wild West Dynasty in Early Access.

To celebrate the upcoming release a new cinematic trailer is available, telling you the story of a hero on the brink of survival, eventually bringing life to the Wild West and all the dangers that come with it. But this is only one story – his story.

With its open world, a deep emotional tale about family, greed and revenge as well as a motivating cocktail of mechanics from city building to roleplaying, Wild West Dynasty gives you the tools to write your own story. You can experience the Wild West during the iconic 19th century however you want to.

The highlights in Early Access

  • Captivating mixture of open world sandbox, role playing, action-adventure, survival, life simulation, city builder and resource management
  • More than 30 different buildable houses, foundations and facilities: Build the Wild West city of your dreams
  • Extensive customization options
  • Crafting recipes for hundreds of items, furniture, assorted goods and clothes
  • Deep story and multiple hours of sidequests
  • Beautiful handcrafted open world, inviting you to roam freely and explore two distinctive biomes with lots of beautiful landmarks as well as other points of interest to discover

Key Features:

  • Experience the Wild West either in first person or third person perspective
  • Expansive story with dozens of missions, branching dialogue and consequences
  • Create your own Dynasty which will last for decades and shape the Wild West like never before
  • Vast open world with multiple environments, each filled with dangers, treasures, secrets and lots of space to realize your city-building dreams 
  • Survive in the unforgiving wilderness with scorching mid-day temperatures, freezing cold nights and dangerous wildlife
  • From rags to riches: Start as a settler, build your own ranch and expand it to a prosperous town
  • Explore abandoned mines and cave systems
  • Multi-layered skilltree
  • Unique mix of Roleplaying, Survival, Life Simulation, Resource Management and City Builder
  • Explore the open world with its stunning vistas on horseback
  • Allocate workers and manage resources as well as trade routes so your settlement can prosper

Wild West Dynasty is in development for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / GOG.com), scheduled for 2023.

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