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Win An 11 bit studios ‘Steam Master Key’ to Gain Access To Frostpunk 2, The Alters, and More

by Rainier on March 10, 2023 @ 8:00 a.m. PST

One lucky gamer out there will soon be gifted with the ultimate prize, the 11 bit studios Steam Master Key, which not only grant its wielder all games published by the studio to date but also all future ones.

From the in-house developed Frostpunk 2—a sequel to the narrative city-builder happening during a neverending winter—and The Alters—a piece of relatable science fiction about altered personalities—to all titles from the publishing division including titles such as The Invincible, and The Thaumaturge, the lucky winner will receive them all.

This no-purchase-necessary contest is all in celebration of the launch of the Grand Collection Bundle on Steam. There’s no better time to complete your 11 bit studios library on Steam than from March 9th thru 23rd. Not only will players new to 11 bit be able to grab the total package of all currently published games with their DLCs and even additional content like soundtracks for less than $25, but if they already own a few of the included titles they’ll get an appropriate further discount to round out their ultimate 11 bit studios collection.

The two-weeks event is also an opportunity to appreciate the community built around the studio’s portfolio and celebrate together. It starts with the first Frostpunk being free to try on Steam, from Thursday, March 9th thru Monday, March 13th. Beyond the chance to win the Master Key during the Grand Collection sale, there will also be giveaways of other games, 11 bit studios game-themed merchandise, board games, and one more special prize for eager Frostpunk fans.

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