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December 2023

Against The Storm

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Hooded Horse
Developer: Eremite Games
Release Date: 2023

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'Against The Storm' Early Access Update Adds Species, New Visuals And More, Goes On Sale - Trailer

by Rainier on April 13, 2023 @ 10:24 a.m. PDT

Against the Storm is a roguelite city builder set in a fantasy world tormented by the everlasting rain.

Settle the unknown wilds to discover and rebuild the ruins of a long-forgotten civilization. Develop technologies that will help your citizens tackle destructive storms and extend the frontier of your civilization.

A unique combination of city building and roguelite genres makes each playthrough a unique adventure. Every reclaimed ruin increases your buildings’ collection. Optimize your set and test different strategies with each run to thrive in a world where it never stops to rain!

Build and nurture your settlement in the unforgiving wilds. Take control of a growing population of humans, beavers, and lizardfolk - the last sentient races that opposed neverending storms. Manage their living conditions, diverse eating habits, and utilize their unique proficiency. Gather scarce resources and process them into valuable goods, the most essential of them being hearth-keeping fuel.

Start every playthrough with different conditions and toolsets that guarantee unique experiences on procedurally generated maps. Randomly assigned long-term goals will tempt you with visions of great rewards and motivate you to experiment with new strategies. Expand your meta hub and the collection of buildings by preserving valuable relics of your predecessors.

Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are excited to announce that Against the Storm’s fifth species is here. The Fox-inspired citizens are now playable as part of the “Sentinels of the Forest” update, which introduces new visual assets, buildings, abilities, and more.

As a species that’s developed a close connection with the forest, the Foxes specialize in scouting and working with rainwater-fueled technologies. They also bring five new buildings including: dedicated Fox houses, a Tea House (for making tea), a Beanery, a Distillery, and a Tea Doctor (for healing people with tea).

The needs of the Fox people include porridge, a new food item introduced in the update made from simple food items like grain and rainwater. Foxes have low resilience but make up for this with fewer demands and by ignoring resolve penalties from the forest itself. If players assign a Fox firekeeper to the hearth, for example, their city will generate two fewer hostility points when opening glades, which makes exploring the forest less risky.

Introducing a new race is not a simple matter of cosmetics and buildings; the Sentienls update introduces new passive abilities, perks, orders, and events while the existing races have been balanced and tweaked to accommodate the newcomers.

Last but certainly not least, from 9am PT Against the Storm will receive a weekend deal feature on Steam where the popular city builder can be purchased for a historic 25% until April 27. Now is a great time to persuade friends to get involved, as the game will soon become more expensive. 

Against the Storm is available as Early Access title via the Epic Games StoreSteam and GOG for £17.99 / 19,99€ / $19.99 / ¥ 2480.

The world is filled with ruins of a long lost civilization that vanished in unknown circumstances. Who were they? Was it the rain that wiped them out or some greater threat that lurks in the uncharted lands? During every settling expedition, you can reclaim and rebuild what was once lost to unlock new technologies that will help you avoid the tragic fate of previous inhabitants.

The rain is your ally and the greatest enemy. It cycles in three seasons requiring you to stay flexible and adapt to changing conditions. In Drizzle, the season of regrowth, natural resources replenish themselves, and it’s time for construction and planting crops. The Clearance is the season of harvest, expansion, and preparations for the last, most unforgiving season of them all. A true test of your city’s strength comes with the Storm when bolts of lightning tear the sky, nothing grows and resources are scarce.

Key Features:

  • Resource management - gather resources to build up your city, as well as meeting the needs of your citizens and the Scorched Queen herself.
  • Multiple settlements - found multiple settlements via the world map, and set up trade routes between each city so that you can shuttle key resources between them
  • Five different biomes - There are five different biomes for you to explore and tame, from royal woodland to the swamp-filled marshes.
  • Diverse populations - a fantasy-fuelled roster of citizens that range from humans, to beavers, to harpies. Each type has their own specific needs, wants, and desires, and a good viceroy will try and please everyone, lest the Queen finds out about your incompetence.
  • Epic replayability - multiple biomes, a large tech-tree, and countless events and random boons mean that no game will ever play the same twice. Not only that, but the Blightstorm itself will ensure that you’ll face a new world map to exploit every cycle.

Against The Storm is in development for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store), scheduled for 2023.

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