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December 2023

Blade Prince Academy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Firesquid Games
Developer: Angel Corp
Release Date: 2023

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'Blade Prince Academy' Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Gets Playable Demo

by Rainier on May 12, 2023 @ 10:54 a.m. PDT

In Blade Prince Academy you take control of highly-trained magical combatants in this anime-inspired tactical RPG.

Blade Prince Academy will welcome new students to train to become elite soldiers, spies, and assassins.

Protect the city of Abjectalia with a real-time pause system that allows players to freeze time at their will. Blade Princes can meticulously plan their moves to deal devastating blows through powerful combos with this unique feature. Combat in Blade Prince Academy will allow you to manipulate the order and timing of each attack to plan the perfect combo among the units they are controlling.

Choices matter at the Academy. The squad players form will become more comfortable with each other as their social relationships improve, leading to bonuses during battle. There will be a roster of colorful characters with unique abilities that players can recruit to their squad. Each character also comes with their own backstory. Once a complementary squad has been established, Blade Princes will go on missions to keep Abjectalia safe. 

On top of fostering new relationships, the Academy will be where players can rest up between battles and learn over numerous unique spells. Players can use the talent tree to manage upgrades and unlock skills that give them access to more powerful spells. Blade Princes that want to embrace their dark side can also make a pact with darkness performing powerful rituals that change the abilities and skills of a character. Just keep in mind there’s always a price to pay.

Players can now try out the Blade Prince Academy demo on Steam to begin exploring the dark but magical city of Abjectalia. The demo features about an hour and a half of gameplay, where players will get to experience four missions, including the tutorial, as well as one smaller mission focused on combos and skills. There will also be one major boss battle.

Angel Corp and Firesquid Games have also launched a Kickstarter campaign, looking to raise $43,690 and giving players a chance to be involved in the development of community-focused content. ​

The campaign’s focus will be to help continue to grow the game’s community while also allowing for even more exciting content to be created for players. Backers will be rewarded with some incredible perks, including a discount on the game, access to digital goodies, direct involvement in the development, and exclusive information about the game's future. With the Kickstarter, the team plans to bring new heroes, bosses, and more missions.

Key Features:

  • Talent Tree: Manage upgrades and unlock skills to improve the Princes. As you gain more experience, you will earn access to more powerful spells. 
  • Pacts: Heroes can be endowed with Pacts, granting them both negative and positive effects. This system innovates in the accumulation of Pacts and cursed marks, allowing for the development of powerful yet flawed heroes.
  • Real-time With Pause Combat: Pause time during combat to strategically plan out every single movement and attack for your squad. Deal punishing blows to enemies by combining attacks and abilities with the right effects to generate powerful combos. 
  • Unique Characters: Assemble a squad of different heroes, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and backstories.
  • Relationships: The choices made throughout your journey will impact the Blade Princes and how they feel about each other. This will affect their lives as well as impact which strategy will be the best to adopt. 
  • Spell Load-out: Equip characters with the game’s arsenal of over 100 spells and find the perfect strategy for the missions ahead. 
  • Challenging Boss Fights: Protect the city of Abjectalia from hordes of gangsters, cultists, rebels, and traffickers, all with terrifying powers that will require you to have complete mastery of the combat system. 

Blade Prince Academy is coming to PC (Steam) in 2023.

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