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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Shiny Shoe

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'Inkbound' Available On Steam Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on May 22, 2023 @ 10:36 a.m. PDT

Inkbound is a co-op experience that blends elements from ARPGs, tactics games, and roguelikes.

Inkbound takes players on a journey through procedurally generated storybook worlds, battling monsters that are set on unraveling the nature of reality itself. Players can dive in solo or party up via online co-op in hybrid real-time/turn-based encounters. All the while, heroes become more powerful the deeper they progress in each roguelike run.

Inkbound takes place in The Atheneum, a world that contains all the stories that have ever been written. Here, anything that's written in Ink can become real -- such as nightmarish carnivals, ancient ruins on the brink of volcanic annihilation, and more. The heroic Binders, charged with maintaining these stories, can go anytime and anywhere so long as it has been written. And if it hasn't, perhaps they'll create tales of their own.

Shiny Shoe has designed a combat system that blends the kinetic brawls of an ARPG with the deep strategy of a tactics game. Turns are snappy and quick, but players can slow down and take time to fully evaluate their current threats. Players choose the optimal times to rush enemies for melee strikes or to best position themselves for a perfectly aimed ranged attack. 

Shiny Shoe is thrilled to announce that Inkbound is now available through Steam Early Access, and will be available to purchase for $19.99, and will remain so for about 1-2 years.

Inkbound’s universe will continue to expand over time with new books, characters to meet, and challenges to overcome. So prepare for an adventure unlike any other as the greatest stories of Inkbound are yet to be written.

"The number of build possibilities is enormous," says Andrew Krausnick, creative director at Shiny Shoe. "We've tried to condense those options into streamlined, under-an-hour runs that are highly replayable."

“Inkbound is fully playable with numerous hours of content, unlocks to discover, and challenging goals to complete. Over time, we plan to add more quests, character aspects (classes), villains (bosses), and more. In addition, we are still working on improving many things - user interface, early game tutorials, adding more voice over, improving performance, adding quality of life features, and so on.”

“We plan to evolve the game world, story, and content while in Early Access. As a living game, we aim to update Inkbound as long as there is sustainable player interest. The "full version" of Inkbound is designed to continue to evolve. During Early Access we plan to improve our content pipelines to deliver updates on a regular cadence to players, improve balance, implement quality of life features suggested by the community, and improve stability.”

Inkbound will also include a season pass at launch, which will provide access to exciting in-game cosmetics and currency for the cosmetic store. Players that reach max level will earn enough currency to gain access to the following season's pass with extra left over to use as they wish. Additional details about the season pass will be revealed at a later date.

Inkbound has been built around cooperative play, which further enhances its tactical elements. Binders can work together to debuff enemies and follow up with devastating attacks. Or perhaps one Binder can hang back, keeping their party healthy during the battle. Every roguelike run is different, pushing players to learn from and adapt to each exciting new challenge. Co-op is rewarded, but not required. Binders can embark on their own solo adventures, but banding together is the safest way to take on the toughest challenges and acquire Inkbound's best loot.

Key Features:

  • WRITE YOUR OWN DESTINY: Discover the magical Atheneum and the infinite worlds contained within to protect it and become the fabled Inkbound. Or break free from your station and unravel the real story behind your creation.
  • FIGHT FOR YOUR STORY: Arm yourself with the brute strength of a Magma Miner or the swift attacks of a Mosscloak to survive. Embark on procedurally generated runs and weigh the risks of one path versus the potential rewards of others. Choose wisely, your survival depends on it.
  • CREATE YOUR STYLE: From a hat shaped like an astronaut cat to bat wings, unlock new amazing items with each run. Fight through rich, atmospheric worlds with outfits that will be sure to impress your fellow warriors!
  • A LIVING GAME: Experience a gripping story and combat that changes monthly, weekly, even daily! A living game, no two days are the same in the expanding world of Inkbound.
  • ENHANCE YOUR POWER: Learn exciting ability Bindings, choose powerful forgotten Memories, and equip loot from legends to become the Inkbound hero no one thought you could be. And a bonus feature you loved in Monster Train: discover hundreds of character builds by mixing and matching classes.

Inkbound is coming to PC (Steam) in 2024/2025.

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