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October 2023

Roots Of Pacha

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Crytivo Games
Developer: Soda Den
Release Date: April 25, 2023

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'Roots Of Pacha' Returns To Steam As Developer And Publisher Resolve Dispute

by Rainier on May 26, 2023 @ 12:12 p.m. PDT

Roots Of Pacha is a co-op farming and life simulation game set in the stone age.

Help your once nomadic clan settle in a promised and fertile land. By connecting with nature you’ll develop Ideas to evolve, enrich your culture, relationships, and discover the mysteries of Pacha, mother nature.

Roots of Pacha is first and foremost a farming sim. But that doesn't mean it has a seed or animal shop. Part of settling means exploring the wildlands to discover new plants and improving them, making wild variants more nutritious and valuable. 

By adding to the Clan's seed storage and gaining knowledge about plants, you'll also discover new, more domesticated varieties.

Throughout the world and seasons, you'll encounter families of animals, which at first appear to ignore you. By slowly approaching and enticing them, you'll befriend them and even invite them to live with you. Animals are a core part of Roots of Pacha as they have also been in our human history: sources of nourishment, protection, and friendship.

Caring for your furry and feathery Clan members will eventually let them breed and evolve into new species.  Start fishing the shallow waters, ankle deep, waiting for the fish to come near you for the right moment to catch them. As you evolve, you'll invent new tools and techniques for fishing to reach deeper waters with larger fish.

Venture deep, through the cracks of the world to find resources needed to evolve and also encounter the spiritual world. Will you accept the challenges of the Wise Owl Totem?  Solve puzzles to gain access to their powers and reach places hidden in the world.

Roots Of Pacha returns to Steam today after an agreement between developer Soda Den and publisher Crytivo. The two parties have made the decision to amicably part ways under terms that are mutually beneficial.

"Over the past two weeks, Crytivo and Soda Den have worked tirelessly to achieve the common goal of restoring Roots of Pacha on Steam. We are happy to share we have reached an agreement and that Roots of Pacha has been restored to Steam for all to purchase.

We also would like to share that Crytivo and Soda Den have made the decision to amicably part ways under terms that are mutually beneficial.

Soda Den sincerely thanks the Crytivo team for their efforts to support and market Roots Of Pacha. Crytivo sincerely thanks Soda Den for their dedication and craft that went into the creation of Roots Of Pacha.

Our collective priority has always been the fans. We hope that the restoration of the Steam store page brings you joy.

Thank you all for your support.


Crytivo and Soda Den"

With Roots Of Pacha’s return to Steam, the post-launch patches that Soda Den has continued to implement based on community feedback will be available to new players as well as existing ones. Prehistoric farmers can expect an upcoming patch with quality of life updates and a new romanceable character in the next month. Long-term updates include plant and animal evolution this year, new Tundra and Turtle Islands locations next year, among other features and improvements in the works.

The game was developed from scratch with multiplayer support in mind. Live together with friends and share your talents and resources to help the clan evolve. Ride your favorite animals together. Compete in fishing, have fun at festivals, and participate in milestone multiplayer cutscenes.

Roots of Pacha is available for PC (Steam), followed by Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation and Xbox at a later time.

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