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October 2023

Demon Loop

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Magnolia Games
Release Date: 2024

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'Demon Loop' Is A Deck-building Adventure By Board Game Author Alexander Pfister, Coming to Early Access Soon - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 31, 2023 @ 5:29 p.m. PDT

Take on the ever-changing Loop in this tactical game from the pen of renowned board game author Alexander Pfister!

Protect humans from the demons they had only recently called friends.Wield an increasing deck of cards to master strategy across each unique loop.

Build and repair structures, rally villagers to your side and improve your own skills to overcome the demons running wild across the land and unravel the mystery of the Demon Loop.

There’s going to be plenty to do in Demon Loop, from expanding and upgrading your Loop hub, growing your deck of cards that you use to battle demons, and uncovering the larger story behind why monsters have turned on people.

Inspired by Slay the Spire and Gloomhaven, Demon Loop will be coming to Steam Early Access soon.

“In terms of content, the Early Access version of Demon Loop will comprise approximately the first third of the campaign in Early Access. It offers all the features listed below.”

“The full version of Demon Loop will be expanded with already planned features. In addition, wishes and feedback from the community will be taken into account and also incorporated into the full version.”

Key Features:

  • Build and Grow: Improve and personalise your Loop by building and repairing structures like taverns, barracks and mines. Hire villagers to fight by your side, some might be inspired to join you permanently!
  • Master your Deck: Every location has its own unique starting deck of cards. Choose Wisely which cards to add from your own personal collection, and what ones to buy along the way.
  • Unravel a Mystery: Move through a vast fantasy world and discover new, mysterious locations. Speak to villagers and unravel the mystery behind the Demon Loop.
  • Improve your Skills: Strike down demons and beat the Loop to recover loot and earn crystals to improve your talents. Take part in weekly and monthly challenges and make it to the high score list!

Demon Loop is coming to PC (Steam) in 2024.

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