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December 2023

Let's! Revolution!

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: BUCK
Release Date: July 19, 2023

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'Let's! Revolution!' Is A Minesweeper-inspired Roguelite Puzzler, Coming In July - Trailer

by Rainier on June 10, 2023 @ 8:30 a.m. PDT

Let's! Revolution! is a mashup of deductive tile-flipping reminiscent of Minesweeper and tactical turn-based strategy.

Each of the six playable characters puts a unique spin on the basic rules, inviting players to rethink their optimal strategies again and again. The world of the game is drawn from familiar fantasy tropes but reimagined for contemporary audiences with satirical nods to modern life. 

Let's! Revolution! is set in the Kingdom of Beebom, a once-idyllic land, now mired by a vain and despotic King. The people have had enough. The time has come for revolution. Players embark on a perilous journey through the lands of Beebom, hunting down the repugnant but cowardly King, facing off against his deadly minions and gearing up along the way with powerful items and abilities for a final showdown with the King himself in Beebom City.

Each playable character in Let's! Revolution! hails from a unique region beset with trouble caused by the odious King. The design and mechanics of the heroes reflect their culture, from a proud desert-dwelling warrior of Phlox who relies on powerful but energy-consuming martial arts, to the cunning Count Leo, protector of the lush Cymbidium jungles, who uses sneaky items like smoke bombs to outwit and outmaneuver enemies. Each playable character requires a vastly different strategy for success, giving the game a surprising amount of depth given the accessible board-game-inspired core mechanics.

In addition to the Ghibli-esque setting lovingly hand-drawn and hand-animated by the teams at BUCK, Let's! Revolution! also features original music from creative audio studio Antfood. Each of the fantasy provinces in Beebom comes with its own meticulously crafted look and sound. As players adventure through the campaign, they'll pass through the noble desert of Phlox, the immortal jungles of Cymbidium, and the ethereal floating islands of Saffron – all brought to life by the cozy soundtrack and mesmerizing art.

Let's! Revolution! is BUCK’s first original game, but they are well known for delivering jaw-dropping animations for clients including Riot Games, EA, Apple, Microsoft, and many others. BUCK's meticulous attention to detail and focus on visual design are foundational to their approach to games. Let's! Revolution!’s charming hand-drawn animations and intricately realized worlds will draw players in. And the evocative score and sound design from longtime BUCK collaborator Antfood, bring the world of Beebom to life. 

Let's! Revoluion! is coming to PC/Mac (Steam) on June 19, 2023, and will also be playable on Steam Deck.

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