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December 2023

The Spirit Of The Samurai

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Kwalee
Developer: Digital Mind Games
Release Date: 2024

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'The Spirit of the Samurai' is a 2D Action/Adventure Metroidvania, Coming to PC in 2024 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 10, 2023 @ 4:11 p.m. PDT

In The Spirit of the Samurai players will assume the role of Takeshi, a Japanese samurai tasked with defending his village from the relentless onslaught of an Oni bent on conquering the land with his undead army.

A village in peril. A samurai reanimated. An Oni advancing. Fight an army of undead warriors and Japanese monsters as a human, a Kodama, and a cat in this 2D stop-motion action adventure. Each character has different characteristics from the other. Only with the combination of all of them can we succeed.

In The Spirit of the Samurai, players will assume the role of Takeshi, a Japanese samurai tasked with defending his village from the relentless onslaught of an Oni bent on conquering the land with his undead army. Prepare to confront his legions of tengu, undead creatures, and the terrifying Jorogumo, all inspired by Japanese mythology. Brace yourself for a truly unique and intense stop-motion cinematic adventure. 

The Spirit of the Samurai is a Metroidvania with a deep exploration style gameplay with non-linear levels. While you travel around the giant map, every single spot counts, as you can discover new items, new secret areas, particular puzzles to solve and unique enemies.

Kitsune will guide us through the journey, show us how to continue and help us in many ways. He is a fundamental piece in this story.

Explore a meticulously crafted world alive with Japanese mythology and folklore. Wander through ruined villages, mountain caves, desolate cemeteries, and more. Battle yokai, undead monsters, and demons, all expertly rendered in a highly detailed, Ray Harryhausen-esque stop-motion style.

Fight through the undead hordes as three distinct characters: Takeshi, a skilled samurai; Kodama, a brave but tiny spirit; and Chisai, a warrior cat. Each interacts with the world in a different way, from intense sword combat to precise platforming and exploration.

Confront legions of demons armed with the weapons of ancient Japan: the iconic katana, the versatile yari spear, and the formidable bow. Unleash devastating special power attacks and combos unique to each character as you fight your way to the Oni’s castle.

"Delivering high-quality games to players is our utmost priority, and The Spirit of the Samurai is a perfect embodiment of our commitment. From our initial conversations, it was clear that the team at Digital Mind S.L. possessed remarkable expertise and boundless creativity. Adding a game of such calibre to Kwalee's portfolio brings us immense joy," said Ben Forrester, Head of PC & Console at Kwalee.

“We were delighted to work with Kwalee as the publishing partner - a company that shares our deep passion for The Spirit of the Samurai. Their unwavering support has given us immense confidence in our project. We are absolutely thrilled to finally unveil the first trailer, and we eagerly anticipate the response it will receive," stated Jose María Molina, Founder of Digital Mind S.L.

Key Features:

  • COMBAT SYSTEM: we have worked hard to get a fast, smooth and intense action combat. More satisfying than usual in Metroidvania style games. You have numerous combos that you can combine between them.
  • KILL CAMS: During combat the fatal blows will be shown from another more visual and spectacular perspective through high end quality cinematics that will not affect the fluidity of the gameplay.
  • SPECIAL POWERS: You can get special powers to deal extra damage to enemies and bosses. You must unlock and evolve these powers along the game. These powers at full strength can be terribly destructive.
  • ENEMIES & AI: Each enemy behaves differently. Most of them have an unpredictable behavior, they have been equipped with an AI that makes each game different and difficult, very difficult. It can be challenging to beat them successfully.
  • CHARACTER EVOLUTION: The characters will evolve each time you level up, you can increase their abilities and in the case of the Kodama, their powers as well. To increase the level you must defeat enemies, get objects, unlock secondary objectives ...

The Spirit of the Samurai is coming to PC in 2024, with console platforms being considered.

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