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October 2023

Little Cities

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: nDreams
Developer: Purple Yonder
Release Date: May 12, 2022

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'Little Cities' Celebrates 1st Anniversary, Sandbox Update Arriving This Month - Trailer

by Rainier on June 2, 2023 @ 4:50 p.m. PDT

Little Cities is a minimalistic & charming VR city builder all about aural and visual aesthetics as much as it is about simulation, strategy, and explorative play.

Get ready to escape to the charming world of Little Cities, the cozy VR city creation game.

Create beautiful cities from the ground up and watch them flourish and come to life!

Start with a simple road, carefully place your residential, commercial or industry zones and then watch the citizens move in! But keeping them happy is the only way to help your cities grow: access to power, water and network connectivity are all a must, as are fire and police services, schools and hospitals. And don’t forget the unique amenities…

With different islands to populate, each providing unique gameplay challenges, Little Cities offers multiple ways to play. Sit in comfort, or play room-scale where you can move around and lean in to view the world you created up close. The intuitive Oculus Touch controls make building easy, unfussy, and fun!

With an exquisitely composed soundtrack, the gentle hum of an everyday city coming to life, and the tranquil sounds of nature filtering through, relax with Little Cities to make your biggest creations possible!

Purple Yonder and nDreams celebrated a whole year of Little Cities' delightfully cozy city creation with the exclusive unveiling of a new trailer.

The trailer also provided a first glimpse at the game’s upcoming Sandbox Update, their most ambitious free-form creative content yet, arriving in June 2023.

Little Cities has charmed players since launch with a slew of major updates that introduced bundles of new features including Hand Tracking support, monumental new Attractions, and even bringing Little Citizens to the streets of players’ creations.

With the Sandbox Update, players will be able to craft their very own islands from scratch, promising limitless free-form fun in a truly dreamy setting.

Purple Yonder and nDreams will have more to share on the Sandbox Update in the coming weeks.

Key Features:

  • Little Cities is a city creator with heart – it is as much about the cozy visuals and explorative gameplay, as it is about smart planning and strategic gameplay.
  • Easy to pick-up-and-play – the intuitive Oculus Touch controls make building easy, unfussy, and fun, with layers of gameplay that provide depth and a rewarding sense of progression!
  • You’ll need a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones according to the cities demand. Residential zones provide housing for citizens to live, commercial and industrial zones provide employment for citizens. 
  • Ensuring everyone has access to everyday utilities such as power, water, a good network connection and many more is important for a happy city, along with providing services such as police and fire stations, hospitals, schools, airports and more!
  • Carefully place unique amenities such as the botanical gardens, aquarium, a sports stadium and a City Hall to ensure your citizens are proud of the city they live in!
  • There are multiple islands to unlock and populate, each providing unique gameplay challenges and different buildings to unlock.

Little Cities is available for Meta Quest / Quest 2.

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