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December 2023

Cookie Cutter

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Rogue Games
Developer: Subcult Joint
Release Date: Dec. 14, 2023

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'Cookie Cutter' Is A 2D Metroidvania That Unleashes Mechanized Massacre In New Combat Footage - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 9, 2023 @ 11:10 a.m. PDT

Love turns to rage and chainsaws in Cookie Cutter, a techno-pop-punk 2D hand-drawn Metroidvania set to the backdrop of a bleak and beautiful dying world.

Cookie Cutter is a hand-drawn Metroidvania with incredibly tight, deep combat mechanics, an epic-sized retraversal world to explore, a robust character upgrade system, buckets of blood, and one hell of a badass heroine.

Become Cherry, a rage-driven android on a quest to rescue her beloved creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon, from the clutches of a deranged mastermind. Leverage Cherry’s considerable fighting skills to beat an outrageous cast of enemies to bloody pulps, unlock spectacular new abilities, gain access to new regions of the expansive world, interact with charismatic allies, battle epic bosses, and so much more as you experience the benchmark 2D Metroidvania

Inside a dark and cold lab hidden deep under the surface of the infamous Megastructure, the mechanic Raz searches for his missing friend Doctor Shinji Fallon, but instead finds a ruined lab and a nearly-destroyed android who awakens from a life-preserving slumber. Her name is Cherry.

Dr. Shinji created Cherry as a companion and the two fell in love. Then the enemy took her and nearly killed Cherry. Now, with a little help from Raz’s mechanical expertise, Cherry will upgrade from companion to killer. She’s going to make them all pay for what they did.

Thankfully, she’s armed with twitch precision and powerful abilities. Bone-breaking uppercuts? Check. Devastating roundhouses? Yup. Enormous guns? Of course. Plus chainsaw slashes, dangerous guitar slides, motorcycle smash attacks, and even insane mecha kills. Cherry’s not f*cking around. 

Cookie Cutter is designed for mature players and does not shy away from violence. It’s weird, f*cked up, funny, and offers what we hope will be a satisfying mix of action inspired by Japanese manga, Quentin Tarantino films, HP Lovecraft, and our own special sauce. As a video game heroine, Cherry stands apart as a uniquely subversive protagonist. Punk rock to her android core, and body positive and sex positive (but not like that, she’s not your f*ckin waifu). On her quest, Cherry is joined by Regina, a Pocket Artificial Intelligence embedded in her core, who guides, advises, and challenges her.

In the video, fans of violent ass-whoopings can witness protagonist Cherry thrash around an array of bizarre and grotesque creatures as she journeys through a beautifully hand-drawn universe in search of her beloved creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon. Buckle up, buttercup - Cherry’s here to knock all your teeth in.

Cookie Cutter features a large, interconnected world that players can explore. Players will need to unlock new areas in the growing map by acquiring specific items, weapons, abilities, or knowledge. Other areas are protected by massive boss characters that push the narrative forward. Gaining these upgrades aid the player in enhancing Cherry’s abilities, allowing her to defeat increasingly more difficult enemies, as well as locate shortcuts and secret areas.

Cookie Cutter also features hybrid fighting / platforming traversal gameplay, with highly stylized hand-drawn and animated environments and objectives serving as the backdrop for fast-paced combat. This is a visually stunning game featuring eccentric characters, rich environments, bombastic weapons, plenty of humor, and most importantly, awesome gameplay presented in an accessible fashion ensuring players of all capabilities can join in the fray.

Key Features:

  • A deep, engaging Metroidvania like no other
  • Designed for mature players–unabashedly bloody and irreverent
  • Play as Cherry, a badass body + sex positive android on a love-driven quest to find Shinji, and beat the ever living crap out of anyone who hurt her
  • Explore and retraverse a massive and gorgeous dystopian world
  • Battle outrageous enemies and absolutely huge bosses
  • Form allies with a large cast of charismatic characters, many voiced
  • Transform Cherry by unlocking a robust variety of new abilities and weapons like chainsaws, guitar-slides and motorcycles
  • Best-in-class hand-drawn 2D style and animation is so stunning you won’t be able to look away
  • An unforgettable original soundtrack to match all the pretty-pretty visuals
  • Much, much more

Cookie Cutter is coming to PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) in 2023.

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