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December 2023

Dave The Diver

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Nexon America
Developer: MintRocket
Release Date: June 28, 2023

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'Dave The Diver' Gets v1.0 Release Date - Trailer

by Rainier on June 9, 2023 @ 2:52 p.m. PDT

Combining some adventure, a little RPG and splash of tycoon gaming, Dave The Diver plunges players into an oceanic adventure set in a mysterious marine cavern.

Welcome to Dave The Diver, a deep sea mystery involving three friends, each with distinct personalities. New adventures await!

Dave The Diver will take you deep down into a mysterious marine cavern where you’ll explore and fight off dangerous enemies as you uncover the secrets of the big Blue Hole. You’ll even run your own sushi joint with your haul from the day.

An enchanting sea full of all kinds of giant creatures and fish species. Aren't you curious about marine creatures that you never know when and where they will appear? Collect fresh ingredients while avoiding the threat of menacing creatures. Wonderous marine ecosystems and mysterious ancient artifacts. A sea full of mysteries and puzzles.

Use the fresh ingredients you caught to make and sell special sushi!! If word gets around, a special customer may pay a surprise visit. If you run a sushi restaurant and raise money, you can explore deeper!

Beware! The strange Blue Hole caused by an strange phenomenon harbors an unknown creature that awaits you. Always make sure your gear is well strengthened. It will be essential to defending yourself against giant creatures.

Currently available via Steam Early AccessDave The Diver is launching v1.0 in June 28, 2023, it will feature the remaining chapters (4-7), additional maps with more areas to explore, and new bosses to take on as the mysteries of the Blue Hole unravel.

Narrated by Robert Clotworthy, the new trailer highlights contents and features coming to the full release and is set to entice even more players to take the plunge into the Blue Hole with Dave.

With an expected playtime of approximately 25 hours, at 1.0 launch players can look forward to new minigames, updated mechanics, as well as:

  • New Biomes. Players can look forward to traversing an ancient cave, a melting glacier, and more in chapters 4-7, which will be available on launch day.
  • New Fish. With the addition of new biomes, comes new species for players to capture (physically or with their camera), adding new sushi recipes for nightly restaurant activities. Rumors of strange mutated fish called FishMon have been circulating and catching them will require specific equipment and strategy.
  • New Tools. New ranged and melee weapons will be added to keep Dave safe as he navigates the Blue Hole. While diving, players will be able to check the stats of the fish they have in stock at the restaurant with a new, highly requested underwater fish tracker.
  • New Threats. Early Access players got a taste of boss fights with the Wolf Eel and Giant Squid in chapters 1-3, but there’s a lot more lurking in the depths and many new dangers to face…
  • And more! Part of the fun is uncovering the mysteries of the Blue Hole so we can’t spoil all the surprises!


Key Features:

  • Addicting Gameplay - Combines action-adventure, RPG, and management tycoon gameplay in a rewarding hybrid sea adventure experience!
  • The Blue Hole - Plunges players into a gorgeous underwater biome filled with over 200 kinds of sea creatures. 
  • Dive for Ingredients - Catch fish and various creatures living in the Blue Hole using your trusty harpoon. You can upgrade and forge new equipment to prepare yourself for the dangers that lurk in the unknown.
  • Serve Your Customers - Using what you've gathered, run your very own sushi restaurant! Use the proceeds you make there to purchase more equipment to explore new areas.
  • A Deeper Mystery - Enjoy an engaging story meeting Dave and his eccentric friends. Unearth the mystery of Blue Hole and help Dr. Bacon rediscover an ancient underwater secret.

Currently available via Steam Early AccessDave The Diver is launching v1.0 on June 28, 2023.

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